Miley Cyrus by Jeff Vespa/ Miley Cyrus by Jeff Vespa/

Is Miley Cyrus really growing up? And, more importantly, are her biggest fans going to let that happen? From the Hannah Montana star's point of view, she's growing with her audience, and wants to make music that reflects that - and keeps us buying her albums.

Though not quite 16, already Cyrus' music (and her image) is turning toward older topics - and it's no coincidence. With her new LP, Breakout, she tells E!, "I wanted to show that I am a true artist. I wanted to kind of embrace the older audience." She added, "Some of it is about a broken heart, mending heart, which isn't even about boys. It's about other things."

Cyrus did, however, admit to some break-up influence in the new tunes (as if "7 Things" didn't already announce it). "You know what I say - if a relationship can't work out, make a record."

Despite the spotlight and the pressure - perhaps internal - to put out maturing records, Cyrus said she still makes sure she gets out with friends, and out of the spotlight. Not only that, but for her 16th birthday, she has just one wish: To get a new car. Miley is still barely 16, after all.

So, Miley fans (and haters alike): Are you ready to have a mid-teens Breakout with her? Will she be able to make the transition from tween star to young adult starlet? - Anna Dimond

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