Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus didn't hold back on Saturday Night Live. Whether it was the leaked video showing her smoking salvia or her racy Vanity Fair photo shoot, Cyrus used the evening as an opportunity to mock her "bad deeds."

In The Miley Cyrus Show sketch, the actual Hannah Montana star appeared as a guest — Justin Bieber. Besides poking fun at his frequent winks and his "swagger," Cyrus defended her salvia smoking incident to Vanessa Bayer (as Miley), saying "there's no reason why you wouldn't [smoke salvia], because it's totally legal":

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The actress/pop singer also used her monologue as an opportunity to address her critics, apologizing for her controversial Vanity Fair photo shoot and other perceived missteps in the song "I'm Sorry That I'm Not Perfect":

Cyrus mocked her wholesome TV upbringing with a sketch about the "Disney Channel Acting School:"

On top of impersonating Bieber, Cyrus also played Lindsay Lohan in a sketch lampooning Charlie Sheen and his love of "winning" — which showed him interviewing the week's biggest losers. Besides Lohan, other losers included Christina Aguilera and John Galliano: