Mila Kunis Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis turned the tables on a newbie interviewer for BBC Radio 1.

When Chris Stark from the Scott Mills Show began talking to Kunis about her upcoming film Oz the Great and Powerful, he admitted that this was his first time interviewing a celebrity.

"Seriously, I'm petrified," he admitted when they first sat down.

Stars who don't look their age

Kunis was a good sport, and eventually the conversation turned to doing lad bombs (Jaegermeister, double vodka and Red Bull) at the local pub, football (aka soccer), chicken and meat pies.

"I should get back to the questions," he soon said. "Why? This is way more fun for me," Kunis responded, before rattling off stock answers to the usual press junket questions.

Watch the hilarious interview below (which, of course, ends with a wedding date invitation):