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Is singer Miki Howard the real Billie Jean?

Reports have surfaced that Howard's son Brandon, a 31-year-old singer,  is the son of the late Michael Jackson. Brandon does bear a resemblance to  the King of Pop and according to a DNA test released, Brandon is a 99.9 percent match to Jackson.

But according to TMZ, the testing facility that allegedly processed the DNA is a fake, with the logo lifted directly from Terminator SalvationHowever, a source tells The New York Daily News that Brandon isn't Jackson's son — he's his half-brother! The source claims that Brandon, who was born in 1981, is the son of Joe Jackson, which is why the singer says in the 1982 hit "Billie Jean": "The kid is not my son.

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To make things even more complicated, Jackson's former backup singer Augie Johnson told The Daily Mail that he's Brandon's father. "I know Brandon's my son - I was there in the delivery room, I have the pictures of him being born. I got the records, I got everything," he said in a statement.

For his part, Brandon seems to want no part of the paternity drama. "It seems a lot of people are speaking on my behalf," he says in a video on Facebook, in which he says he didn't call TMZ and has never self-proclaimed to be Jackson's son. Brandon also adds that he has no plans to sue the estate. "I'm done. Wherever you guys go from here, wherever you go from here that's what it is. And whatever the DNA tests come out to be, the results, that's what it is," he writes.

Watch Brandon's full video message below. Do you think either Jackson is the father?