Billy Gardell, Reno Wilson Billy Gardell, Reno Wilson

Business and pleasure are about to mix on Mike & Molly.

On Monday's episode (9/8c, CBS), Molly (Melissa McCarthy) decides she wants to write a crime novel. What better way to do research than to go on a ride-along with Mike (Billy Gardell) and Carl (Reno Wilson), right? Wrong!

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"Mike is not into it at all. Shocking, right?" Wilson tells "Carl wants it to happen. Carl wants to be the star. He thinks maybe she'll write something and will put him in her book. To him, it's the best idea ever."Still, despite Carl's dreams of fictional superstardom, he understands Mike's hesitancy to have Molly invade their place of work, as seen in the sneak peek below.

"The squad car is like our mobile therapist office," Wilson says. "For most of the day, it's just the two of us in there. We break down all our issues and problems, and you add Molly to the mix and you can't do all that. She's all up in Mike's face. He hasn't dealt with that yet. They've been together for three years now, but his personal and professional lives have been separate. Now it's about being in a relationship, going with all the ebbs and flows of whatever your partner's dealing with."

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Off-screen, the cast is rolling with the new season's creative tweaks, specifically the choice to have Molly quit her teaching job and be at a career crossroads. "I love it. I love change. I think it's a good choice. We're giving Melissa the ball a little more, letting her run," Wilson says. "I think the pacing is faster. The protagonist is leading the action as opposed to her reacting to things going on around her."Plus, there's one other perk. "I get to work with her!" Wilson says. "Now Molly can come on ride-alongs and do other things. There are several scenes with Melissa and I sitting next to each other and it's like, 'Hey, what are you doing here?'"Mike & Molly airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.(Full disclosure: is owned by CBS.)