We still don't know who the namesake on the next season of The Bachelor is, but never fear, Mike Fleiss is here to drive everyone nuts with tantalizing clues about his identity.

The Bachelor creator took to Twitter Wednesday night to dole out some very vague (but maybe kind of revealing?) clues about the next leading man ABC's most popular reality series.

We're not totally sure about that last one. Maybe some Rupert Holmes came on the radio at whatever tropical cabana Fleiss is in right now.

Fleiss also tweeted the clue "he's never been on a hometown date," but then immediately deleted it. Hmm... curiouser and curiouser. What we do know is that The Bachelor probably won't be Peter, as Fleiss said earlier. But that "probably" has us still scratching our heads.

Who knows, maybe the "historic" announcement he's promised to make on Good Day Hanalei will have the big news?

Who do you think is next in line to head up The Bachelor?