Mike Colter, Luke Cage Mike Colter, Luke Cage

If you don't know the name Luke Cage, you will soon.

Mike Colter (The Good Wife, The Following) has joined the cast of Netflix's new Jessica Jones series, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Colter will play Marvel character Luke Cage, who was introduced in the comics as an ex-con who gained superhuman strength through prison experiments. He eventually married Jones and joined the Avengers.

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Colter will appear opposite Krysten Ritter's (Veronica Mars) titular Jones, before being spun-off into his own series--the third of four planned by Marvel and Netflix. In addition to Jessica Jones, the online streaming service is also working on a Daredevil series starring Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire) as Matt Murdock.

The fourth series will feature the as-yet-uncast Iron Fist. All four characters will eventually come together for Marvel's The Defenders miniseries, and then Marvel will be that much closer to ruling the world. (Watch out, DC!)

What do you think of Colter's casting?

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