Eden Sher Eden Sher

As overlooked middle child Sue Heck on ABC's The Middle, 18-year-old Eden Sher has caught our attention, making us want to learn more about the girl behind the braces.

She used to have stage fright. "I was really shy when I was little and there was this mandatory school performance in first grade. I refused to go on, but my mom forced me and it was like, 'Click, love it!' Once I realized that I didn't die on stage, it was really great."

She doesn't wear braces. "It's great because they change my entire face shape," Sher says. "It's bizarre how much of a difference they make. I never ever get recognized. I guess I'm a little more hip and stylish than Sue."

What she did on her summer vacation... "I took an art history class — I thought I'd become a little more cultured. I feel like I understand references that people make more."

If she wasn't acting... "Maybe I would be a Pilates instructor — I'm really big into Pilates!"

Her dream Sue Heck plot involves Reverend TimTom. "[That] was one of the funnest episodes of Season 1," exclaims Sher of Sue pining for a guitar-strumming pastor. "If he returns, all of my wildest dreams would come true!"

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