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Prepare for a soapgasmic experience! The Young and the Restless' Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) will come face to face with former All My Children star Sarah Michelle Gellar on Gellar's new CW show Ringer. The plot of the series finds Gellar playing estranged sibs Bridget and Siobhan. The former, a recovering alcoholic, is on the run after witnessing a mob murder and assumes the identity of her well-to-do sister in Manhattan, only to find that the sister is also marked for death. Stafford plays a blabby society dame in the September 27 episode.

"My character is really nosy and very much in your face — one of those me, me, me types who talks a mile a minute," says Stafford. "She runs into Siobhan, who is really Bridget, and has no idea why Siobhan doesn't recognize her. They have this very fun encounter in an elevator. Then my character sees 'Siobhan' going into a meeting with a divorce attorney and can't wait to tell her husband."

Stafford appreciated the vibe on the set. "A lot of times on shows, no one wants to talk to the guest star but everybody at Ringer was very cool and I think Sarah sets the tone for that," Stafford says. "She's one of the executive producers and brought along an entire group from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and they are so grateful because jobs are damn hard to come by these days. I heard that from a lot of people there."

The two divas got along like cheese and crackers. "Of course we talked shop," says Stafford. "Sarah told me how important AMC was, and still is, to her. She still watches the show and keeps in contact with a lot of the people there. I think it's so cool she went back for an appearance before the show ends. She's one of those people who really earned her success. She knows how lucky she is to have done AMC and isn't about to put down the soap experience."

And of course they talked babies. "Sarah's daughter, Charlotte, is about three months older than my daughter, Natalia," notes Stafford. "So we were all about our children — you know, how wonderful it is when they learn new words, how cute they are, how awesome they are, all that stuff moms do that probably annoys the crap out of everyone else. But, hey, we just can't help it!"

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