Michaela Conlin with Nichole Hiltz, <I>Bones</i> Michaela Conlin with Nichole Hiltz, Bones

The reveal doesn't come entirely out of left field — it had been established that Angela likes her men and her women — but still, expect some murmuring tonight on Bones (8 pm/ET, Fox), when a beautiful blast from the forensic femme's past resurfaces. Michaela Conlin shares a peek at whether Angela's old flame might heat up a reconciliation for her and Hodgins.

TVGuide.com: So... Angela has a girlfriend.
Michaela Conlin: For now, yes. [Laughs] Who knows how long it will last. It's somebody she dated in college, they had a relationship. And now she's back for a bit.

TVGuide.com: How hot-and-heavy were Angela and Roxy, back in the day?
Conlin: I'm sure it probably was like any relationship — I don't think they were exclusive. It was what it was. But they were together for a little while. 

TVGuide.com: You certainly could do worse than Nichole Hiltz, that's for sure.
Conlin: I know, she's so lovely. A lovely person. 

TVGuide.com: What implications might Roxy surfacing have on the Angela-Hodgins relationship?
Conlin: Anytime anybody shows up from somebody's past, it's affecting for both people. But the thing I really like about it is it shows us who Angela was before she even got to this place and this job and into that relationship with him. I think it's important for them in the long run, if they are to come back together eventually, to see that other part of her. I honestly don't know what's going to happen between Angela and Hodgins. 

TVGuide.com: It's probably exciting for you as an actress to explore Angela's back story.
Conlin: Oh yeah. Angela doesn't comment on the fact that it was a woman. She just happened to be attracted to a woman. That's who she wanted to be back then. That's how she approaches everything. 

TVGuide.com: The Angela-Hodgins fans were thrown earlier this season by their sudden break-up, using words such as "random," "rushed" and "not befitting the characters" to describe it. What's your take on what went down?
Conlin: Yeah, that's what I've heard people have been saying. I think the strike was definitely difficult on all the story lines that had been up in the air, so that was part of it. I think they rushed to the altar in the beginning anyway. We could have seen more of how the two of them were together. 

TVGuide.com: So you're saying the break-up wasn't the rushed part, it was the build-up of the relationship?
Conlin: Yes. Personally, I would have liked to see more of them making it as a couple. We may still see it, I don't know. That's more of a guess. But I really didn't feel the break-up was rushed. 

TVGuide.com: I'm curious, what will be Angela's take on Booth's brother, Jared (played by Brendan Fehr starting Nov. 12)?
Conlin: She likes him. [Laughs] Angela pretty much likes any being that's in any manner sexual. Look, it's like having Booth without having Booth. Angela would like to see Brennan and Booth get together, so I'm sure she figures, "Hey, this is the second-best thing." But yeah, Angela is definitely is a little bowled over when she meets him.

TVGuide.com: Now that Angela's openness to women has been established, maybe Thirteen from House could crossover for a little romance?
Conlin: [Laughs] I would love that! [Olivia Wilde] is fantastic. I just watched that episode where she brings someone home, and she was great. I love the way they're approaching that, like it's not a big deal.

TVGuide.com: Give us one last tease about what's ahead for Angela.
Conlin: You're going to see her in a lot of different circumstances this season, being single, I'll just say that. Being on the open market... it's going to be an interesting year for her!