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Ever since Lucas returned to House as Cuddy's new beau, things have been pretty tense at Princeton-Plainsboro — as well as with the "Huddy" fans! TVGuide.com caught up with Michael Weston, the man behind House's former P.I. pal, to find out what we can expect with his dysfunctional love triangle, what he thinks attracts Lucas and Cuddy to each other and why he found it awkward to shoot a sexy scene with Lisa Edelstein. Plus: See what one crazy "Huddy" fan did at Weston's local coffee shop. 

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TVGuide.com: What prompted the writers to bring your character back?
Michael Weston: After the first few episodes I did last year, there were rumblings of a romance with Cuddy. I think they decided to bring back someone that offered something to Lisa [Edelstein]'s character but also face off with Hugh [Laurie]. Hugh and I have a really good chemistry, and I think it was really fun for them to have someone that could sort of be a foil to House. Lucas is one of the only people who can give it right back to him.

TVGuide.com: What can we expect with the House-Cuddy-Lucas love triangle?
Weston: I have a feeling that House and Lucas have a lot more adventures together. I think Cuddy has a thing for House, and Lucas sort of has a thing for House — in terms of his friendship. They get along like buddies, and they're both intrigued by the others' profession. And they both can use each other, which they do. It's almost like it's a love triangle with this ever-present third party. It's an intellectual ménage à trois. [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: How about Cuddy and Lucas? What attracts them to each other?
Weston: I think it's because they're complete opposites. For Lucas, she is an intriguing woman that offered a domesticity that he probably never envisioned for himself, especially now that Cuddy has a kid. I think for her, Lucas is young, blunt and honest, but not deceptive. Lucas will speak his mind before he's figured out what he's going to say, and he's a terrible liar. It's sort of the opposite of House, who is so calculated. I think Cuddy loves House, and yet feels that their relationship would be doomed from Day One. So maybe she found the antithesis of House in Lucas, who is honest and he really likes her.

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TVGuide.com: A lot of fans aren't too keen that Lucas has put a road block in a possible "Huddy" romance.
Weston: I have a feeling we're the most hated out of the House couples. I actually was getting a coffee at my nearby coffee shop, and someone there says to me, "Huddy, man — you're messing up Huddy." And he was totally serious, like looking right into my eyes as though I had just broken up with his sister. I'm was like, "Sorry, I really wanted that to work out." [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: Rumor has you and Lisa have a steamy scene together coming up.
Weston: Yeah, the Cuddy-Lucas affair gets steamier. Those are always moments that are awkward [for actors]. You're still getting to know each other and there's like five dudes holding equipment, looking at you thinking, "What's up? Yeah, I see you there naked. That's cool."

TVGuide.com: If you didn't play Lucas and were just a fan, who would you say Cuddy should be with?
Weston: I can't imagine her not being with House at some point in the evolution of the series — assuming House could get it together and become a full human being. I can see Lucas and Cuddy being together for a long time as well if they grow into each other, because as it is right now, they're learning to get along and open up with one another. I think for Lisa's character, she finds it difficult not being the boss and in charge, and being at work all the time. She sort of busies herself to avoid emotional vulnerability. That's where Lucas is important to her character. He brings a vulnerability and openness that can't really exist in that hospital because House won't allow it.