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Michael Jackson's private family funeral on Sept. 3 cost nearly $1 million, according to The Associated Press

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The final bill from the Forest Lawn Cemetery was a total of $855,730, which included the purchase of other plots within the Grand Mausoleum that houses Jackson. The lavish ceremony costs were covered by Jackson's estate.

Other listed expenses included:

  • $35,000 for burial garments
  • $1,975 for wardrobe for the family
  • $2,000 for usher costumes
  • $3,682 for framing of a photograph of Jackson next to the casket
  • $959 for embroidery
  • $11,716 for invitations and programs
  • $16,000 for flowers
  • $30,000 for cars and security
  • $15,000 for a funeral designer
  • $21,455 for the "funeral repast" at a restaurant after the ceremony

"Mrs. Jackson and her family wish to honor her son by a funeral that seeks to offer solace to his multitude of fans and by which the family also may be comforted," the attorneys for Katherine Jackson said, adding that the high costs are "entirely commensurate with the decedent's worldwide status as an entertainer and the world's grief over his death."

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Katherine Jackson's attorneys were granted the request for $1 million by the estate administrators in addition to the costs of the Staples Center tribute in June.