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The flashy white glove Michael Jackson wore when he debuted the moonwalk in 1983's performance of "Billie Jean" at Motown's 25th anniversary TV special is up for auction.

The glove will be featured alongside other music memorabilia, such as a Madonna demo tape and unreleased Jimi Hendrix lyrics, at the "Music Icons" auction at New York City's Hard Rock Cafe on Nov. 21, according to The Associated Press.

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This glove is unlike many of the others the pop star wore throughout his career. While most were made for his right hand and decorated with hand-sewn crystals, the glove for auction is a modified store-bought glove covered with a mesh of rhinestones that Jackson wore on his left hand.The glove has been in the possession of founding Commodores member Walter "Clyde" Orange since 1983, when Jackson gave it to Orange after the now-legendary performance. Orange said after Jackson's death, the glove became too iconic to keep and he hopes it ends up in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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"There's a hundred other gloves out there, but this is the one you want," Orange said. "He blew up after that (performance) with 'Billie Jean.' The world should see this. This is the first. That's the song that made him shoot through the roof as a superstar."Proceeds from the sale will benefit MusiCares, an organization that helps musicians struggling with substance abuse.