Michael J. Fox — who plays the young hero at the center of Disney's latest cartoon pic, Atlantis: The Lost Empire — is relishing his burgeoning career as a voiceover artist. "The best part of doing animation is that you don't have to shave, get hair and make-up and dress up nice," he laughs, "but you still look great on screen."

That was especially true of Milo Thatch — his alter ego in Atlantis (which opens wide on Friday). "When he gets more heroic, his biceps get a little bigger and his chin is a little stronger; he's more rugged looking," explains the former Spin City Emmy winner, who also was the voice behind the title mouse in Stuart Little. "And they made me taller, which was nice."

Ever since going public with his battle against Parkinson's disease, Fox has been standing mighty tall on his own. But although he's busy drawing attention to — and raising funds for — the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, it's not the only item on his to-do list. He recently announced that he and his wife, actress Tracy Pollan, are expecting their fourth child in December. "Tracy and I just felt like somebody hadn't come to the party yet," he explains. "So, we thought we'd invite them."

What's more, Fox hopes to complete his autobiography, Lucky Man, by Labor Day (to be released in January), and also plans to make an appearance on Spin City's season premiere next fall. Speaking of his old haunt, the 40-year-old actor says he still tunes into the ABC comedy. "But I don't feel like I'm watching someone else play with my toys," he says. "I'm just happy that the people I worked with on the series are still working."