<EM>Big Brother</EM> Big Brother

So Michael got evicted from the Big Brother house... I'm sooooo surprised. Almost as surprised as Michael was when Julie told him that all the housemates had secret partners. Um, yeah, they all had figured that out, Ms. Chen. You've got to come up with a tougher twist next year. I still don't entirely understand what Michael did to tick Eric off, though. I mean, Eric's talk with Julie (who looked great in that yellow dress) wasn't all that enlightening. He just basically admitted to hearing some comments about his family from an uncertain source. But it is nice that the little Napoleon is no longer HOH. No longer will we have to hear him expounding on how everything should be done, and now maybe people can actually relax and have a good time. Novel idea. I am glad that Michael's secret partner won Head of Household; it's sort of a bittersweet irony. It should be fun to see everyone scramble to kiss Kaysar's derriere. The only person who breathed a sigh of relief when he won was Janelle. I think he'd have a hard time getting rid of his best friend's gal pal. I was really liking Janelle this week... until she dumped her boyfriend on national TV. Not the most thoughtful way to do it, but I guess that means that she wasn't actually cheating on the unnamed New Yorker while she was smooching Michael.

It was kind of interesting to see last season's "twist" contestants, and to discover that Cowboy and Nakomis haven't spoken and that she didn't go to his wedding. Also, nice-guy Drew and Diane split up, and Jase and Holly didn't work out (and here I thought they were perfect for each other). If they can't make it... oh, who am I kidding? I can't even type that sentence with a straight face.