How I Met Your Mother
Have you met Ted? If you haven't, this episode was a great introduction to this comedy's sometimes dopey protagonist. His adoration of Robin can get a little annoying, but that's why he's got such great friends, who contrast all his irritatingly stupid moments. Like Barney, who suggests that instead of wasting his time on Robin, he should take a second look at the imaginary "foxy young thing" he was chatting up and "take her to the roof and have sex with her... crazy monkey style." Which doesn't read as well on paper without

Neil Patrick Harris' finely honed delivery. Then he's got Lily, whose recent engagement has made her insatiable in the bedroom, so much so that her fiancé, Marshall, who's working his way through law school, is forced to have this awkwardly amusing conversation with her: "It's got to be like superquick and no cuddling after." Only the adorable Lily could smile and practically purr, "I'm the luckiest girl alive." The only problem with watching reruns of comedies is that even when they make me laugh, I start to notice stuff that I think Im supposed to be overlooking in favor of the funny. For example, I swear there are no swords on the wall in this episode. And this is way before the jousting and eye-gouging incident. Maybe it was an oversight? But I tried to explain it away by thinking that Marshall and Ted took them down for parties to avoid any bodily injury to partygoers.