Today host Meredith Vieira went on air this morning sporting super-sized sunglasses. When co-host Hoda Kotb asked her to explain her fashion statement, Vieira took them off and showed a shiner on her right eye. But it's not from anything particularly dangerous or exciting — just an attempt to answer nature's late-night call.

"I had to go to the bathroom, and I didn't put the light on," she explained. "To go to the bathroom, you go through a little dressing room." She had just gotten back from a long trip, she said, and had left her suitcase on the floor of the dressing room.

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"The suitcase is black, and the room is black. It's dark," Vieira continued. "And so I go to the bathroom, and I forget the suitcase is there, and I fell over the suitcase, and I hit my head on the rim of the dressing room table."

This wasn't her first bathroom-related accident either: Right before the Sochi Winter Olympics last year, she fell in the toilet and hurt her back (and very likely her pride). When she went for a CAT scan this time around, her doctor joked that they'd amazingly found a brain in there. Thanks, and tip your waitstaff!

Her husband Richard Cohen wrote up the incident on his blog:

"I am the one in my house who has multiple sclerosis. I am the only one who is legally blind. I have limited depth perception and glance off doorways if I am not careful - and I am very cautious - because my lateral perception also is deficient. Yet I survive because I have learned self-preservation," he wrote. "I am married to a woman who has not. Meredith is a klutz, like a drunken sailor on a bender who collides with stationary objects and is a danger to herself. Last night, while paying a visit to the bathroom, Meredith fell over a suitcase, slamming her head against a dressing table as she plummeted south. The dog was so embarrassed for her he did not even bark."


Watch Vieira explain it: