Question: You mentioned that TV Guide magazine would serve as the exclusive distributor of the 3-D glasses for the Nov. 21 Medium episode. But I'm wondering whether they will only be in the newsstand copies like all the other "good stuff" (e.g., the Lost DVD). As a long-time subscriber, I'm ready to discontinue my subscription and buy only those issues with the good stuff in them.

Answer: I'm told the glasses, like the Ausiello Report, will be included in both the newsstand and subscriber issues, so no need to cancel that subscription, Annette. Speaking of the 3-D outing, I have some breaking news to share on that front: The depth-defying episode will now air as a special two-hour event. And regarding the specifics of the plot, exec producer Glenn Gordon Caron tells me that many of the 3-D sequences will take place in an art gallery. "Something will be revealed to [Allison] in the paintings," he explains. "When she looks into them, that triggers the 3-D sequences."