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The Menendez Murders Cast Reveals the Struggle of Playing Real People

It's a tricky line to toe

Megan Vick

This fall a group of all-star actors lead by Edie Falco will dramatize a crime and the subsequent trial that captivated the nation in the mid-90s.

Just a year before O.J. Simpson began the trial of the century, the Menendez brothers stood trial for brutally murdering their parents. Dick Wolf's Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders will put Falco in the center of that trial as the brothers' lawyer Leslie Abramson.

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders Aims to Change Your Attitude Towards the Infamous Killers

TV Guide talked to the cast, including Falco and Heather Graham, about what it was like to personify real people who the public is already so familiar with. The actors discuss their own familiarity with the case before discussing the delicate balance between honoring someone's likeness and portraying the character in their script to the best of their ability.

"[Leslie Abramson] was passionate about her job and took it seriously and really wanted to do the best job for her clients," Falco explained of her character. "That doesn't always make you the most popular person and that was less important to her than it might have been to other people."

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders premieres Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 10/9c on NBC.