Molly Sims and James Lesure Molly Sims and James Lesure

They're definitely not in Kansas Vegas anymore.

Men at Work star James Lesure reunites with his longtime Las Vegas co-star Molly Sims on Wednesday's new episode (10/9c, TBS), and she wastes no time getting the party started.

In the episode, Sims play Gibb's new love interest Kelly, a lawyer living in the suburbs who tries to turn Gibbs onto the "burb lifestyle."

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In this exclusive sneak peek, Gibbs is thrown off when he goes out to Kelly's place in New Jersey for a quiet night in, only to learn that the entire neighborhood is coming over to teach him how to party "Parsipanny-style."

Watch this exclusive video to see which one of Gibbs' friends from the city also made the invite list:

Men at Work airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TBS.