Men of a Certain Age Men of a Certain Age

Jeers to TNT for cutting short the lifespan of Men of a Certain Age.

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Oh, the cable net's execs thought they were being sneaky, announcing the cancellation on Friday at 5 pm to minimize the backlash, but they're not getting off easy on this one. The Peabody-winning, Emmy-nominated dramedy deserved more support than TNT gave it. Its 12-episode second season was cruelly cut in two, with the first half buried during the winter holidays and the second half saddled with the anemic lead-in of Franklin & Bash.

True, the ratings weren't great, but given time, it could've grown into a hit. That's what happened with co-creator/star Ray Romano's Everybody Loves Raymond — almost nobody watched the first season, due to a bad time slot and questionable marketing that made it look like a kiddie sitcom. Sadly, Men of a Certain Age lasted only 22 episodes, the same length as Raymond's first season, and millions of viewers will never know that it wasn't a show about old guys complaining but a richly multilayered treat that could've appealed to men — and women — of all ages.  

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