The next Men in Black team is going to look a lot different, according to BBC.

Producer Laurie MacDonald told the British network that the next film will feature a predominantwoman in black shades and spiffy suit. MacDonald's husband and fellow producer Walter Parkes added that the film is in "early stages" but will be a "reinvention" of the franchise.

Perhaps Men in Black is looking to go the same way as Ghostbusters by retelling a classic comedy with female characters.

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The disappointing news is that Will Smith has previously indicated that he will "most likely" not be involved in a fourth installment of the franchise he kicked off in 1997 with Tommy Lee Jones.

That first film introduced Linda Fiorentino as a female agent but she didn't make into any of the sequels. Hopefully, the next woman to pick up an alien blaster sticks around for a lot longer.