Men of a Certain Age Men of a Certain Age

Men of a Certain Age deals with three men coming to grips with getting older. But for series stars Ray Romano, Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula, being older is a key component to their on-screen chemistry.

"We're grown-ups," Braugher told at the Paley Center for Media event for the series. "As artists, we're just mature. It's all about the work. It's not like we have to prove anything. It's not like we have to make our rent. It's really about telling the story well."

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Braugher attributes the show's fan base to the natural storytelling. "I think people are fascinated with the ordinariness of these guys. It's not contrived," he said. "What you have is really universal struggles."

Co-creator and executive producer Mike Royce previewed some of the new struggles each character will face in the show's  sophomore season, which Bakula estimates will begin shooting in July.

Joe (Romano) will follow his golf ambitions to the next level and learn more about how to accept his divorce. After taking over his father's car dealership in the Season 1 finale, Owen (Braugher) will experience the challenges of his new duties, especially when Terry (Bakula) comes to work for him. "Owen's got a lot of responsibility and he's in a really thick soup of relationships," Braugher said. "Complications will ensue."

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Also, more of Terry's back story will come to light, though it is uncertain if viewers will meet any of his siblings is undetermined. As for Terry's girlfriend (Carla Gallo), Bakula isn't sure about her return.

Royce said the next season will likely increase to 12 episodes, and Bakula praised TNT's support of the series from the beginning. "The freedom has just been magnificent. The relationship with TNT, and their basically hands-off attitude ... they're so supportive and they love the show," Bakula said. "They're thrilled with the stories and where it's going."

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