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Now that Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear) has returned to Melrose Place, it was only a matter of time before she set her sights on one of the men. sat down with Shaun Sipos to get the dish on how his character, David, will be getting cozy with Amanda. Sipos also discusses David's many other relationships, who's going to be blackmailing him and what's ahead for the second half of the season.

Add full episodes of Melrose Place to your DVR player Now that David is in a relationship with Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen), we're seeing a new side to your character. How has it been like playing this softer side?
Shaun Sipos:
People need to connect to someone with some humanity. It's nice to show that David has emotions, feelings and vulnerabilities. He's opening himself up to being hurt. Is he going to find out about her extracurricular activities?
I imagine that he would, yeah. I know that personally, if I found out, I would be furious. You'll see that on Tuesday. Is he going to stick to his promise of not stealing things? Because I hear there's another heist coming where he gets caught.
Yeah, at the moment [he keeps his promise]. A girl does catch me stealing and it is one last heist that David has decided to take upon his shoulders. She blackmails him to spend time with her. Her dad is a very bad man. What is the extent of the relationship between Amanda and David?
Heather's character, Amanda, wants something from David. She is looking for something that Sydney [Laura Leighton] left or Sydney had that's of extreme value to her. So she's clocking David, thinking he has some knowledge to where it is or he has it. It is Melrose Place and she may like him, she may have a thing for him. David has been known to go with the older girls.

Check out photos of Melrose Place What was the feeling like when the news came through that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Colin Egglesfield were leaving?
Speaking for myself, I was sad. I really care about them. I love Ashlee and she's such a wonderful girl. With the network, she was deemed to do the 13 episodes and then depending on the pickup, there was an option and she opted to go to Chicago on Broadway. Colin's character got really dark and they were having a hard time finding out how to redeem his character and give it that humanity. The only way was to let him go, which was unfortunate. The following week was very strange.

Jessica Simpson thinks Melrose Place is "crap" What have they said as far as the direction in the second half of the season?
The main thing is that the murder mystery will be done. You'll see a lot less flashback, which in my opinion is good. I think the flashbacks were getting a little confusing. When you're stuck to one thing and it's constantly going back, you're not really moving forward. The show will lighten up a little bit. People's lives will really be moving forward. It will go more in depth into David and Lauren and David and Noah. Jonah (Michael Rady) and Riley's relationship has taken a turn, so it's really branching out. It will be a little bit less dark ... You also have a film in the Monaco Film Festival this week. Tell me about Curve of Earth.
Sipos: It's about a young, aspiring actor who wants to be an Ansel Adams. He's low on funds and he ends up having to take this job to try and get an art scholarship. He has to chronicle an erotic photographer. My character, Wade, ends up falling in love with this girl ... it's her first time coming in to model. He tries to save her from this world. It's kind of a love story in a lot of senses.