Andrew Shue Andrew Shue

Dear Andrew Shue:

According to the New York Daily News, you don't think the CW's Melrose Place remake is a good idea. You're probably right!

That said, since I've already decided it's the most important piece of television ever, I'm feeling kind of protective of it. So back off!

You've kept busy in your post-Melrose years doing some nice work for kids and moms. Stick to that. No more of this: "Melrose Place was a great show in its time, and if I were calling the shots, I would say don't bring it back," Shue said. "Leave it as it was at its time. That's the way it should be." Yes, Billy Campbell, we wouldn't want to tarnish the memory of your tour de force acting in scenes like this one. Shakespeare in the Park it was not.

Shut yer pie hole.


Mickey O'Connor