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Nikki Newman is back the way we like her...hitting the sauce, baby! TV Guide Magazine caught up with The Young and the Restless' Melody Thomas Scott to chat about her character's latest fall off the wagon and an array of other hot topics — including her outrageous Emmy snub!

TV Guide Magazine: First things first. Why are you looking so damn good these days?
Thomas Scott: Well, thank you, honey! Back in October I got sick of my clothes not fitting. I don't know whether it was me turning 55 and getting matronly, or if the weight was due to my not exercising because I've had major neck problems. But, whatever the case, I finally decided to monitor my food. I'm too lazy to do that myself, so Sharon Case [Sharon] turned me onto this great program called Sunfare where they magically bring you all your food for the day and leave it in a bag on your doorstep. I had neck surgery in December, so I can't do Pilates or yoga. But completely effortlessly I have lost 30 pounds just on this food plan. Now everybody at CBS is getting on the train! You would laugh if you saw all the Sunfare bags people are carrying at the studio!

TV Guide Magazine: I would have bet money you were slimming down because Nikki was having sex with Deacon [Sean Kanan]!
Thomas Scott: That never entered my mind! It just got to the point where I thought, "Man, I gotta do something here!" And Sharon Case just happened to walk into the room at that very moment. There was no other motive. [Laughs] Not even sex with Deacon.

TV Guide Magazine: Nikki is back on the booze after learning Deacon was part of a secret plot to ruin her sobriety. Is she ever going to forgive him?
Thomas Scott: Not yet in terms of anything we've shot. Deacon has more balls than Nikki expected and he keeps coming back, determined to convince her he truly loves her. At one point, he slips the AA serenity prayer under her door, which she is disgusted to see. She just ignores it and drinks all night. She really does have feelings for him. But this betrayal is something she won't get over soon.

TV Guide Magazine: So she'll remain boozy and manless?
Thomas Scott: Well, I don't mean to tease you... [Laughs] well, actually, yes I do! Deacon may have a little competition coming his way.

TV Guide Magazine: Seriously?
Thomas Scott: Yes, there's going to be a third man in Nikki's life. I can't really go into detail or tell you his identity yet but it is very unexpected.

TV Guide Magazine: I miss Nikki holing up at that seedy motel. It's just not as trashy having her slugging back the vodka at the Genoa City Athletic Club.
Thomas Scott: I know! She's such a snob but she didn't seem to mind that motel. That's how much she was drawn to Deacon. But suddenly one day we got a script that made it clear the place was a cockroach infested dump — Deacon had to kill one with his shoe — and suddenly Nikki was getting the hell out of there and high-tailing it to the Athletic Club.

TV Guide Magazine: The outta-nowhere marriage of Victor [Eric Braeden] and Diane [Maura West] is also driving Nikki booze-batty. Did she really think she still had a chance with The Mustache?
Thomas Scott: Oh, yes, I think maybe she did. Don't forget she and Victor had that recent roll in the hay — literally! — on Victor's birthday. Plus Nikki has always hated Diane and because Maura is so good in the role, Nikki hates her even more now! It's so great to have Maura in the cast. So, yeah, Nikki is trying to escape Deacon and Victor, making alcohol even more important to her than ever. She's lost her morals. There's a disturbing episode coming up where the enormity of it really struck me. Let's face it, Nikki's now having a secret life. She's a hider, and hiding means lies. In this episode I'm referring to, Nikki's kids Victoria [Amelia Heinle] and Nicholas [Joshua Morrow] come to Nikki's hotel room because they're worried she's drinking again and Nikki lies — Oscar worthy lies! —right to their faces. When the whole thing was over, I felt horrible! It was like a punch in my stomach. I realized this was a line Nikki has never crossed. She has never deceived her children. She has never sunk to that level. It was a hugely impactful moment for me. And then her best friend, Kay [Jeanne Cooper], is also sniffing around thinking Nikki is drinking, and Nikki is lying to her, too. So it's all really horrible and really dicey. It's not looking good for Nikki at all. [Laughs] But for me it's great! It's so much fun to play!

TV Guide Magazine: Thoughts on your new boss? [Co-exec producer Paul Rauch is exiting, replaced by Sally McDonald].
Thomas Scott: Sally has been a director at Y&R for years — our best director — and she'll make a great producer because she is so emotionally invested in our show. She's an excellent choice. And I hate to keep yammering about it, but thank God for [exec producer-head writer] Maria Bell. She understands Nikki.

TV Guide Magazine: Well, let's just hope she never gives Nikki a job. Bill Bell was smart enough to leave Nikki at home having desperate housewife problems. Those who followed him felt they had to validate Nikki by giving her a job so she'd be a self-empowered woman, and that was just so wrong.
Thomas Scott: Nikki should never have a job! She would never want a job. She's not capable of doing anything, and she wouldn't want to be trained to do anything. It's so much better when she stays home. I'm looking forward to playing her as a crazy old lady. Hey, I'm 55. I'm getting there!

TV Guide Magazine: On that subject, I hear your daughter, Jennifer, is expecting twins so you're gonna be a grandma for the first time! Congratulations! How you feeling about it?
Thomas Scott: I am over the moon. It's just the most fantastic thing!

TV Guide Magazine: Moving from good news to bad, I can't let you go without discussing your recent Emmy snub. Yet again, the in-house vote among your costars at Y&R failed to put you on the pre-nom ballot, meaning you can't be nominated this year even though many folks — me included — believe you gave the best performance. What do you have to say about this?
Thomas Scott: There are many reasons why an actor wouldn't check the box opposite my name on an Emmy ballot! I totally get it! I am many things, but a politician isn't one of them. I don't rally. I don't campaign. But thanks, always, for your undying support.

TV Guide Magazine: Jamey Giddens over at Daytime Confidential hit it on the head when he called this pre-nom thing a popularity contest and noted that the Y&R cast votes for Emmys like they're voting for King and Queen of the Prom.
Thomas Scott: Here it is in a nutshell. My daughter Elizabeth gasped when she heard [about the pre-nom ballot]. "What? You're not on the list, Mom?" I replied, "Oh, honey, that's old news. I guess I forgot to tell you. Don't worry about it." And then I went into the kitchen to work on Baby Shower Central. I'd rather have two angel babies than two angel wings!

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