Melissa and Joey Melissa and Joey

Following their success with last year's TV-movie My Fake Fiancé, former teen stars Joey Lawrence (Blossom) and Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa Explains It All; Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) are reteaming for a new sitcom, Melissa & Joey (premiering tonight at 8/7c on ABC Family). The premise? When local politician Mel Burke suddenly finds herself responsible for her teenage niece and nephew, help arrives in the unlikely form of Joe Longo, a former Wall Street trader who moves in as the family's "manny." Can you say, "Whoa?!"?

TV Guide Magazine: You two have quite the history...
Hart: We met when we were 4 years old at an audition.
Lawrence: I booked it!
Hart: I didn't... And we once buried a time capsule together at Nickelodeon when we were, like, 16.

TV Guide Magazine: You're exec producing and starring in Melissa & Joey. Overachieve much?
Lawrence: They go hand in hand. It allows us more of a say in the final product.
Hart: Instead of us being just loudmouth actors, they have to listen to us.

TV Guide Magazine: Why do another sitcom?
Lawrence: They're making a comeback with shows like Modern Family. And if you want to work in television, it's probably the greatest job you can have, because we both have kids.
Hart: This is the first live audience I've had—it's nerve-racking. I totally botched my first line during the pilot.

TV Guide Magazine: Ever feel limited by the family fare?
Lawrence: The exact opposite, actually. ABC Family is really pushing the limits. This could be on at this time on any network.
Hart: We're not exactly careful of what we say—but we're not cursing for no reason like it's satellite radio, either.

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