Melissa Holovach Melissa Holovach

In last week's Season 4 premiere of The Apprentice, motormouth Melissa Holovach — who is Hispanic, as you may have heard her declare a dozen or so times during one frenetic filibuster — didn't pass the Bally Fitness test given by Donald Trump and summarily got sent packing. Is the real-estate whiz fit to be Tae-Bo'd over her fate? pumped her up with a rigorous Q&A. Were you a fan of past seasons of The Apprentice?
Melissa Holovach: Oh, yeah, I love the show. I like it better when I'm watching it, though! [Laughs] So you'll understand if I say that your "I'm Hispanic" rant was a bit of a "Stacie J. moment."
Melissa: Yeah, well, I think it was clear I had pretty much lost my cool. I was done. So much for the "fly under the radar" strategy listed in your bio.
Melissa: No, that wasn't the strategy I was going to use; that's the strategy I think makes you most likely to win. I do believe strongly that if you really, really want to win, you need to fly under the radar and be very quiet and try hard not to p--- anyone off. But I could never do that. Were you therefore flying against conventional wisdom, or not trying to win?
Melissa: Neither. How do I say this? I'm just too real of a person. If I were to give somebody advice on how to win, I would say, "Hey, if you can do it, go on the show, fly under the radar and keep your mouth shut, but be honest and be fair." That's what I would say, and I myself would follow all of that except for flying under the radar because, unfortunately, one of my biggest downfalls is that I can't keep my mouth shut if I have a strong opinion about something. I think we saw that when, knowing full well that the teams get split by gender, you went into the boardroom and proclaimed, "I don't work well with women" — right there in front of Carolyn.
Melissa: I'm just an honest person and that is the truth. If you asked me, "Melissa, would you like to be on an all-girls team?" I'd say, "Please, no" — I would not lie to you. If I said anything different I'd be more embarrassed because anybody who knows me would be like "What?!" I love working with guys or mixed groups, but to work with all women? Please god, no! There's cattiness and BS.... It's annoying. While you watched the broadcast, what did you think of project manager Kristi saying, "This isn't about Kristi vs. Melissa; this is about..."
Melissa: "Melissa sucks!" [Laughs] Let me be kind, because I don't want to be mean. I think that is a great example of why she was so intimidated by me. There was no articulation there, it was just, "She sucks." That's childish to me. Are you sure you don't just have a problem with Kristi's celebrity look-alike, Reese Witherspoon?
Melissa: No, I love Reese! But yeah, I never even thought that — Kristi really does look like her. She's a little shorter, but... You lobbied for a lower price point for the fitness class, which totally could have been thrown in your face when your Capital Edge team lost to Excel by only a few dollars.
Melissa: We're supposed to stick to what actually aired but, long story short, there was a long dialogue on the pricing and at the end of the day, I had said we should stick to $15-18 and [my teammates] were up to around $45-50. In economics there is a bell curve, and if you price it too high, you're not going to sell enough. I truly believe if we had priced it $16-18 [instead of $20] — and even Toral, an economist, agreed with me — we would have kicked their ass by about $100. Do you ever cross paths with fellow Florida real-estate player Kendra Todd,  last season's Apprentice winner?
Melissa: No, she's in West Palm Beach, which is about three hours from me. Lastly, much has been made of how Trump handpicked this season's candidates. Why do you think he selected you?
Melissa: I think that he was impressed with the fact that I was very honest, very vocal and a pretty woman. He likes pretty girls who speak their mind.