Melinda Doolittle by Frank Micelotta/Fox Melinda Doolittle by Frank Micelotta/Fox

"Absurd." "Wrong, wrong, wrong." "A total fiasco." Those are some of the words readers are using to describe the dismissal of Melinda Doolittle on Wednesday's American Idol. Presented with that reaction - as well as the fact that some 70 percent of you are "very shocked" to see her go - Melinda shared with her own theory on why, despite being so consistent and a favorite of the judges, the votes just weren't there. "First of all, I was up against two amazing contestants - I love Jordin and Blake, and they did a fabulous job on Tuesday night," she starts. "But also, I know that I was probably getting a little bit of the older vote, which is great - I had a lot of people come up to me saying, "I voted for you five times last night!" - [but those same fans] may not spend a full two hours voting or anything like that, and that's OK. I really feel like I've won, as far as where I ended up in the competition."

As for what style of album we can expect from her, Melinda - the excitement at such a prospect obvious in her voice - told us, "The only way I know to describe it is just 'soul music.' Anything from the heart. I love groove, anything where I can tell a story. I hope to have just a great soul album."

And we have a feeling she will.

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