Mel Gibson Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson turned himself in to the police for booking on criminal battery charges.

Gibson and his lawyer went to the El Segundo Police department where he was fingerprinted and took a mug-shot, according to The Hollywood Reporter The booking took place the same night that Gibson's new film The Beaver debuted at SXSW.

"He was very pleasant," Sergeant Dean Howards told the Reporter. "This is just an old case that the judge wanted him to get fingerprinted for. It isn't anything new. We did it real quick and he was out."

Mel Gibson Pleads No Contest, Oksana Not Charged

Last Friday, the actor pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor spousal battery charge stemming from a 2010 incident with ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva. Gibson's plea was part of a deal to keep him out of jail. He'll most likely face 36 months of probation and 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling.