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Watch Megyn Kelly Grill Alex Jones Over Dangerous Conspiracy Theories

Was this worth it?

Sadie Gennis

Megyn Kelly's much-hyped (and much-derided) interview with Alex Jones finally aired on Sunday, in which the conspiracy theorist did his best to avoid answering all of the Fox News alum's toughest questions.

Kelly kicked off the 17-minute long Sunday Night interview by defending the controversial decision to give a platform to a man who has called the Sandy Hook shooting a "hoax," among other reckless remarks. "Some thought we shouldn't broadcast this interview because his baseless allegations aren't just offensive, they're dangerous," Kelly said. "But here's the thing. Alex Jones isn't going away. Over the years, his YouTube channel has racked up 1.3 billion views. He has millions of listeners and the ear of our current president."

When Kelly pressed Jones about his claim that the Sandy Hook massacre, which resulted in the deaths of 20 children and six adults, was "fake," the InfoWars host never actually disavowed his comments. Instead, he attempted to justify his inflammatory and hurtful claims.

Alex Jones leaks secret Megyn Kelly audio

"At that point -- and I do think there's cover-up and some manipulation -- that is pretty much what I believed," he said. "But then I was going into devil's advocate, but we know there are mass shootings and these things happen."

Now, Jones said, "I tend to believe that children probably did die there. But then you look at all the other evidence on the other side, I could see how other people believe that nobody died there."

Although many called for Kelly and NBC not to run the interview with Jones (including Jones himself), the reaction after the segment aired was quite mixed. There were still many on both sides of the aisle who refused to watch the interview or saw the interview itself as reckless, but others praised Kelly for exposing Jones to the world.