Megan Mullally, Bret Harrison Megan Mullally, Bret Harrison

Emmy winner Megan Mullally is out to steal laughs as Veronica, the new head of Contra Security on Fox's Breaking In. We caught up with the funny lady to get the scoop on her newest character — and perhaps the wackiest one yet.

TV Guide Magazine: You've been busy with guest stints lately on Parks and Recreation, Happy Endings and Up All Night. Were you nervous about taking on a series-regular role?
Mullally: I wasn't, because I like to say yes to things and just take a leap of faith. I definitely considered it very carefully, and I see a lot of promise. Everything about the concept of the show and the feel of it is very different from anything I've done.

TV Guide Magazine: How does this character compare to others you've played?
Mullally: She's crazy, but she has this sort of brattiness like [Will & Grace's] Karen and the vulnerability that Lydia from Party Down had. It's nice to have a little bit of both.

TV Guide Magazine: What's Veronica's M.O.?
Mullally: She doesn't really realize when she's doing something unpleasant. I throw a big weird office party because I'm trying to get people to like me and basically tell everybody if they don't come, they're going to be fired. I conduct a roast and it's really horrible. It goes way too deep.

TV Guide Magazine: Is there the possibility of a romantic connection between Oz (Christian Slater) and Veronica?
Mullally: At the beginning, we're really warring a lot because there's a power struggle, but further down the road I could see a funny romance between us that's unconventional. I had never met Christian, but I have a weird special skill where I can watch an actor and tell if we would have chemistry or not. And I could tell with him.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you familiar with the nerd culture the show pokes fun at?
Mullally: I couldn't care less about that, although I do have a comic-book collection! Just a few when I was a kid: The Spirit, Aquaman... I even have some Fantastic Four. Then I spent one summer when we first got a computer in 2003 buying comics off of eBay. I guess I just got busier, because I look back and think, "I had a whole summer to buy comics on eBay? How did that happen?" [Laughs]

Breaking In premieres Tuesday at 9:30/8:30c on Fox.

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