Zachary Levi, <I>Chuck</i> Zachary Levi, Chuck

In this week's Mitovich Mega Minute, I take some bits of Comic-Con news and add a scoopy little something "extra." 

For example: It was announced this weekend that Dollhouse will set the stage for a reunion between Angel alumni Amy Acker and incoming guest star Alexis Denisof. But have you heard that a Battlestar Galactica meet-up is also in the cards, when Jamie Bamber shares scenes in the Season 2 premiere with Tahmoh Penikett? That's how this will work.

So, in this Mega Minute:

• As confirmed at Comic-Con, Chuck's kung fu will be glitchy at best. But do you know what his next mad new skill will be? I do.

• When Angel alum Charisma Carpenter guest-stars on Legend of the Seeker, what will be on her Mord'Sith's agenda beyond fighting? I've got the answer.

• Also, what secret message did Dominic Monaghan flash to fans at Lost's Comic-Con panel? And get my take on one of the big Smallville reveals.

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