Michael Weatherly, Sean Bean, Nathan Fillion Michael Weatherly, Sean Bean, Nathan Fillion

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Who did Tony see in the photograph in the NCIS finale? Please tell me they're not going to break up the team! — Melanie
Executive producer Gary Glasberg gives us a hint. "It will be someone that we recognize," he says, adding we'll get that answer in the season premiere. We'll also get some serious intel on that microchip that E.J. found in her co-worker's arm. New theory: These mysteries are totally connected, right?

I can't believe Game of Thrones killed off Ned Stark! Please console me with scoop. — Mark
Does this help? Although Ned Stark was beheaded on the Sept of Baelor, it's not the last we've seen of Sean Bean. In fact, in the finale, two of his children will see him in a way you'd probably expect of television; a third, though, will have a shocking run-in with dear old Dad.

I can't believe how long we have to wait for more Castle. Please ease the pain with scoop! — Sharon
Unfortunately for our crime-fighters, the new captain, who will almost certainly be a woman, is a former Internal Affairs investigator who is more interested in politics than police work. But it might not be all bad: Though creator Andrew W. Marlowe previously told us she won't look as favorably on the Castle-Beckett pairing as Montgomery (RIP!) did, she'll ultimately be a loyal team leader.

Will there by any chance be a wedding on True Blood this season? — Mary Ellen
I just rid my DVR of the stench of MaryAnn's putrid meat man and already you want to have another wedding? Sheesh! I bet I know why you're asking though. You're one of those cheaters who read the books and is now pretending to be really intuitive about the TV show's upcoming plot points. Well, I've got news for you, cheater, your fancy book-learnin' won't help you here! For while Jason and Crystal take their already unorthodox relationship — she's a panther, he's an idiot — to a whole new level of weird this season, it's not the same weird as in the books. Her motivation, for example, is very different, perhaps inspired by recent headlines.

I need some info on The Mentalist! — Jeffrey
There was at least one person who wasn't thrilled by Bradley Whitford's surprising turn as Red John in the Season 3 finale: Malcolm McDowell. "I always thought maybe I was Red John, but I guess I'm not," says the British actor, who's appeared on the show twice as cult leader Bret Stiles. The good news for McDowell (and us): Stiles may be back! "I think I'm going back to do another one or two [episodes]," McDowell says. "I love the show."

How soon will the Hot in Cleveland girls find Elka? — Jaime
After a detour to Canada, the ladies will head to Amish country. Melanie and Joy will toss a few back in an electricity-free, Cheers-esque bar with guest star George Wendt. Meanwhile, Victoria's not-so-inner dramatist will find other ways to enjoy the simpler life of Ohio Dutch country.

Any word on who will replace Saffron Burrows on The Finder? — Brandon
No casting to report, but I can tell you that the show is adding two women to the cast. The first seems to be the obvious Burrows replacement: She's a semi-reformed pickpocket who helps Leo and Walter at the bar. The other is a deputy U.S. marshal with whom Walter shares a certain familiarity involving handcuffs.

Now that Naomi is pregnant on 90210, will she simmer down at all? — Daphne
Of course not! In her quest for Greek system dominance, Naomi will butt heads with Holly, the mean-girl president of the most prestigious sorority at CU. When Holly can't control Naomi's characteristic acquisitiveness, she seeks revenge for one particular purchase by hazing the holy heck out of everyone's favorite with-child frenemy.

So, if The Killing wraps up Rosie's murder in the season finale, will the Larsens be around next year? — Leslie
  I certainly hope so, given the strong performances by Michelle Forbes and Brent Sexton this season. And it sounds pretty likely. "The family is back in Season 2," Sexton tells us. "I'll leave it at that." Intriguing, in light of this week's Orpheus reveal, no?

I'm so glad Covert Affairs is coming back. Will Ben be sticking around? — Rebecca
Yes — and he'll even be working alongside Annie. The pair, and Joan, are sent into a hostage situation posing as a news crew when environmental terrorists take a group of oil executives hostage. Of course, Annie doesn't play it by the book, landing the three of them in the same boat as the hostages instead of saving them.

The vicarious pleasure I take in Nurse Jackie is starting to wear thin. Will Jackie ever face any consequences for her actions? — Lizette
In the season finale, Jackie will have a moment of reckoning, in which she'll be forced to tell both Kevin and her employer the truth about her illicit activities. But before she can... life will intervene. Watch Edie Falco closely as a complex series of emotions flicker across her face in the span of a few quick moments. It's like a master class in acting.

I know it's early, but do you have any spoilers on the second season of Shameless? — Jared
Ian's getting a new beard — with a heart of gold! Mandy, a street-smart neighborhood girl from a broken home, rivals Karen in the sensuality department, but will ultimately end up being a very sweet friend to dorky, conflicted Ian.

Adam's Mega Rave: Thank you, Bill Maher, for letting Jane Lynch be hilarious on TV while wearing something other than a track suit. If her performance as this year's Emmys host is as compelling as her dramatic reading of Rep. Weiner's sexts, we're in for a great night!

Natalie's Mini Rant: The Bachelorette's Ashley is still pining for Bentley, which has moved on from being sad and has cruised right on into pitiful. Enough already! Bring on Bachelor Pad!

(Additional reporting by Hanh Nguyen and Kate Stanhope)

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