Mark Harmon, Tom Welling, Emily Deschanel Mark Harmon, Tom Welling, Emily Deschanel

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I am dying to know what happens in the NCIS finale. — Eric
Expect even more bloodshed. But the Port-to-Port Killer case doesn't completely rule the hour. "The finale really hits a lot of the Vance-Gibbs tension," executive producer Gary Glasberg says. "It's going to provide a lot of answers to what Vance has been dealing with all season. Gibbs is going to become privy to a lot of it... and it's going to bring his relationship with Vance to another level." Does that signal an administrative shakeup? "There are definite changes that affect NCIS," Glasberg says. "The team is going to have to work together in a way they've never had to work together before next season."

Can you tell us anything about the Smallville finale? — Brad
Here's what we can tell you: As Darkseid's Apokolips speeds toward Earth, Clark and Lois will attempt to walk down the aisle — with a little help from Chloe and a little what's-the-opposite-of-help from Oliver. But it won't be that easy! Lois will find herself in peril yet again, in a scene that fantastically recalls one of the Superman movies. Meanwhile, back at the barn, you'll see another scene that will make your spirit positively... float.

Does someone important really die in this week's episode of Bones? — Rachael
You bet, and the emotional fallout is intense. But even though Booth has thus far shouldered the responsibility of trying to bring down sniper Broadsky, it's Brennan who feels the most guilty after the death. "Brennan actually needs more consoling than Booth," Emily Deschanel tells us. And Booth is just the man for that job. "I think if fans watch the season-ender, they will be back in droves for Season 7," executive producer Hart Hanson says.

Will we meet Chuck's wife on Desperate Housewives? — Marie
NATALIE: As we discovered on Sunday, Bree's new man is on his way to getting a divorce, but his estranged wife isn't quite at the same stage of the process as her husband. When Bree meets Doreen (Anita Barone, aka Jeff Foxworthy's sitcom wife), she attempts civility by telling her that she has no intention of dating Chuck until the divorce is final. This is a tragic misstep, of course, as Doreen uses that knowledge to ensure a lengthy settlement process.

What's the deal with Strauss on Criminal Minds? Will she be back? — Heather
Yes, and in a big way, according to executive producer Erica Messer. "Strauss is always a bit of a mystery," she says. "Next season I'd like to show that she's actually human. She has issues like the rest of us. The team will see a new side of her."

Got any scoop on the Modern Family finale? — Hector
Isn't it great, in these jaded times, that a family-friendly sitcom can still become a hit? OK, so the finale... Two people are caught breaking and entering, one person is accused of being a pedophile, and one introduces his or her new lover. (Oh, wait...)

Who's going to be the new boss on The Office? — Karen
Spoiler alert! I can officially rule out one candidate: Ray Romano. (Shocking, right?) "I'm not getting it!" the Men of a Certain Age star tells us. "I have my own show, so I'm not going to replace him." But Romano says he did enjoy his time at Dunder Mifflin and promises that the character he plays is nothing like Ray Barone. "That show is subtle," he says. "I was nervous because I wanted to make sure I fit in with that tone. I've been told it's funny, but I'll believe it when I see it."

What can you tell us about the season finale of Nikita? — Paul
For one thing, it's an hour not to be missed. Obviously, Nikita isn't dead, but Alex faking her death does not mean a truce between the pair. What Nikita thought was right, in turning the black box over to the CIA, may turn out to be her undoing.

So happy to hear that Ed Asner will be on Royal Pains. Got any more details about his character? — Luke
Hank and Evan are as shocked as anyone to meet Grandpa Ted... because they've always been told he was dead! Turns out Ted disapproved of his son's life choices and kicked Eddie (Henry Winkler) out of his house. Eddie reciprocated by changing his last name and cutting off all contact. We expect at least one big showdown before those old wounds can begin to heal.

What's coming up for Leslie and Ben on Parks & Recreation? — Laura
In a small town like Pawnee, you can't keep a secret forever. But one woman will make things particularly awkward when she hits on Ben moments before being clued in about his relationship status.

Anything good coming up on In Plain Sight? — Whitney
Who knew that babies attracted men? The show is on the lookout for an actor to play a handsome, fit former Army Ranger-turned-attorney who works with Mary to get an Army sergeant into witness protection late in the season. His quick wit makes him a natural sparring partner for Mary, but there's definitely an attraction bubbling beneath the surface. It looks like he'll be hanging around for a few episodes to test the waters.

Cougar Town barely came back on the air and now it seems the finale is already here. Got any scoop for me? —Rachel
Blink and you'll miss a hilarious cameo by a recognizable sitcom star. (Laugh!) But things get somewhat serious when the whole cul-de-sac wings off to Hawaii to help Travis get his life back on track after his disastrous marriage proposal. Perhaps fittingly, it's Laurie whose influence will ultimately make the most difference.

Adam's Mega Rave: I'm always leery when a show repeats a successful concept, but Community's return to paintball was as thrilling and hilarious as the first. The spaghetti Western motif gave the episode focus and guest star Josh Holloway made us long for the Funhouse Island days of yore. ("Bean Allergy" is no "Freckles," but it's still a damn good Sawyer-style nickname!)

Natalie's Mini Rant: Sometimes shows are canceled for a reason. After establishing that Stargate Universe's central goal was to return its characters to Earth, the series finale ends with them frozen in time with little hope of survival. What a downer, guys!

(Additional reporting by Kate Stanhope)

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