Cote de Pablo (<i>NCIS</i>), Hugh Laurie (<i>House</i>), and Zachary Levi (<i>Chuck</i>) Cote de Pablo (NCIS), Hugh Laurie (House), and Zachary Levi (Chuck)

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Have you heard anything about Ziva's storyline on NCIS' November sweeps episodes? — Carly
ADAM: A special security team will be tasked with protecting Ziva's father (Michael Nouri) when he attends an NCIS conference. Also at the conference: former NCIS agent Riley McCallister, whose troubled past has given him a bit of a hero complex. It's probably no accident that McCallister is played by Michael O'Neill, who learned a lot about gunplay as a Secret Service agent on The West Wing and as the gunman who shot the hell out of Seattle Grace in last year's Grey's Anatomy finale.

Who does Amber Tamblyn play on House? — Peter
House describes her as the "the love child of Einstein and Mary Poppins." The brainiac's bleeding-heart principles of course irk the cranky doc. So he fires her — several times. Imagine if he knew about her past with one of his team members.

I'm so excited to see Timothy Dalton on Chuck. Would you call the role Bond-like? — Miles
Dalton's role is a little more Hot Fuzz than Licence to Kill. He plays an inept MI6 agent and former handler of Mama Bartowski. He and Chuck search for evidence that will clear his mom's name, which quickly lands them on the wrong side of Volkov's men and their hilarious torture devices.

There was a brief mention of Tom and Renee having a past on Desperate Housewives. Will that come up again soon? — Rachel
Will it ever! Renee, who's never met a secret she could keep, will tell one of the Housewives what really went down between her and Tom — and, more importantly, how she feels about him now. (Hint: She's still rather fond of Mr. Scavo.)

I know John Larroquette will butt heads with Mac on CSI: NY. Anything else you can tell me? — Abby
ADAM: Larroquette plays Ted Carver, the deputy chief of detectives, and he argues with Mac about how to handle the media when a sniper begins terrorizing the city. That investigation forces Mac to revisit a brutal abduction case that has long since gone cold. Surprisingly, some of the details of that case point to Carver — and a secret he has kept for a very long time.

Any idea what V's premiere title "Red Rain" means? — Eric  
That red sky Anna unleashed at the end of last season's finale looked pretty ominous, no? Five minutes into the Season 2 premiere, that sky will open up and seriously ruin Erica and Tyler's day.

Anything fun coming up on Community? — Evan
ADAM: Always! When Jeff and Troy start acting strangely Zen, Pierce follows them to a secret garden on the Greendale campus where they go to relax. As if that wasn't absurd enough already, Pierce will use a remote-controlled toy helicopter to spy on them. Closer inspection will reveal that it's piloted by a miniature Andy Dick. Talk about a small role!

Anything coming up for Addison on Private Practice? — Monica
MICKEY: JoBeth Williams will be back for four more episodes as Bizzy, Addison's eccentric mother, as will Bizzy's life partner Susan (Ann Cusack). In the same episode, Gaby Hoffman (Sleepless in Seattle) will guest-star as a girl who has been in and out of Oceanside Wellness Center for years with multiple pregnancies.

So excited to hear that Jeremy Davies will be guest-starring on Justified. Anything else you can tell me about the new season? — Jackson
ADAM: Lost's Daniel Faraday plays Dickie Bennett, the brightest of three brothers, in a family of marijuana growers, who have been at odds with the Givenses since Prohibition. But I'd keep my eye on the Bennett matriarch, Mags. She may make a mean apple pie, but she doesn't take kindly to strangers.

Any dish on the episode of Modern Family in which James Marsden guest-stars? — Anna
Marsden, who plays Cam and Mitchell's hunky, hot-tubbing neighbor, isn't the episode's only guest star. Jami Gertz (Still Standing, Entourage) will also turn up as one of Phil's potential clients.

I need some Lie to Me scoop. — Wanda
ADAM: A prescient episode in November finds Dr. Lightman risking his life to investigate an explosion that killed six coal miners. The episode, which was written and filmed long before the recent Chilean ordeal, also features guest stars Michael McGrady (Southland), Noel Fisher (The Riches) and Chad L. Coleman (The Wire).

Should we be worried that Danny might try to steal Pam from Jim on The Office? — Liam
Perhaps. In Thursday's episode, both Pam and Jim act like jilted lovers desperately trying to figure out why Danny never called Pam for a third date those many years ago. When they finally get the answer, it's not at all what they were expecting.

Mickey's Mega Rave: Smallville finally came to the moment we've all been waiting for: Clark told Lois his secret — and it's looking like she'll remember this time! Her perfectly delivered reply: "What took you so long?"

Adam's Mini Rant: Enough baby-sitting Lumen on Dexter — let's get back to the carnage, please.

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