Pauley Perrette, Sandra Oh, Chord Overstreet Pauley Perrette, Sandra Oh, Chord Overstreet

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Please give me some NCIS news on Abby and McGee! — Leslie
I'm not sure McGabby 'shippers are going to love this, but ... Abby's going on a date! And McGee is not going to be happy about it. "If another girl comes around McGee, [Abby] definitely has a little bit of a jealous streak," Pauley Perrette says. The feeling is mutual, she says. So what do we know about Abby's new suitor? She'll look up to him, in some respect, and he's a stick-around kind of guy.

Where's the Grey's Anatomy scoop on Cristina and Owen? — Dina
Right here! Tensions for the couple will continue as we head toward the finale. "I don't think the end of the season is going to be easy for any of our fans, but I think it's going to be pretty explosive for [the Cristina-Owen ones]," executive producer Shonda Rhimes says. And for Cristina and Teddy. Look for a serious student-teacher face-off during the musical episode.

What can you tell me about Glee? — Amanda
Who wants to meet Sam's little brother and sister? You'll soon get your chance, and from everything we've heard, Sam isn't the only "Trouty Mouth" in the family.

When is Shirley's baby going to be born on Community? — Andy
When — which I can sorta answer by pointing you here — is not as important as where. "It's not going to happen in a hospital," executive producer Dan Harmon says. "This baby is going to be born under less than ideal circumstances." So who's the daddy? We'll know right away. "As soon as it comes out, we take a look at it," Harmon says.

What's next on Criminal Minds now that Prentiss is gone?  — Jackson
Therapy all around, per Jayne Atkinson's Strauss. "There's psychoanalysis to be had and every member of the team has to talk to someone," Rachel Nichols, who plays Prentiss' replacement Ashley Seaver, tells us. "There will be lingering effects for everyone."

Please share some Big Bang Theory spoilers. — David
Raj is going from booze to drugs — to help him talk to women, that is. Sheldon signs on as his dutiful wingman, but he's unable to keep Raj from exposing himself in public.

I love The Chicago Code. Is there a love interest brewing for Jennifer Beals' character? — Elisa
I don't know about you, but I definitely felt something between Beals' Teresa Colvin and guest star Adam Arkin this week. "There's the thought of a romantic relationship," Beals tells us. "She needs to have support that comes from outside her identity as the superintendent."

Private Practice scoop, please! — Rosie
Shonda Rhimes promises that the show will have a relatively quiet finale, meaning no crazy women cutting babies out of bellies. Nevertheless, look out for a shocker in the last two minutes. Does this have anything to do with Audra McDonald's impending exit? "It does not," Rhimes insists. "She's been through a lot of hard times and I wanted a happy ending for her character so she's going to get it." (OK, does it have to do with an impending arrival then?)

Anything cool coming up on The Mentalist? — Matt
Cho's going to be a dad — well, sort of. When a petty thief steals Cho's car from a murder scene, Cho gets stuck taking care of the kid until Social Services can find a foster family for him. In the meantime, Cho will help his young charge prove that his real father has been falsely imprisoned for robbery. Doing so will land Cho on the wrong side of an angry district attorney, who I'm hearing will become a recurring character.

Any scoop on Hoyt and Jessica? They're my favorite True Blood couple! — Nancy
Hoyt's mother will be the couple's biggest obstacle next season. "She did not just buy that gun and leave it at home," executive producer Alan Ball teases. Adds Deborah Ann Woll: "She is dangerous and wants the best for her son, [but] he may not agree with what that is, so we're definitely going to fight her on that."

I can't wait for Rizzoli & Isles to come back this summer. Any details?
ADAM: Get ready to meet Janet, a bilingual doctor who will be working under Sasha Alexander's Dr. Isles. Janet's non-American point of view will provide fresh insight to cases. She's also a constant source of amusement for Angie Harmon's Rizzoli.

Any scoop on Nikita? — Heather
NATALIE: Someone close to Nikita will betray her, which will land her in CIA custody. The Agency's director, a Colin Powell type, will threaten her with the death penalty. Good thing she still has friends on the inside.

Natalie's Mega Rave: Anna Torv has a new party trick! Honestly, we were skeptical when we heard that Leonard Nimoy's William Bell would be inhabiting Torv's Olivia on Fringe, but she does Spock better than Spock.

Adam's Mini Rant: Steven Tyler, the honeymoon is officially over! Your incoherent ramblings have been fun, but it's time to start judging now.

(Additional Reporting by Denise Martin, Hanh Nguyen and Kate Stanhope)

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