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Any Lost scoop? — Ari
MICKEY: You can add Katey Sagal's name to the list of Lost alums who have jetted off to Hawaii to shoot scenes for the final season. Call me a romantic, but I never believed that Locke's beloved Helen was actually dead; that whole cemetery scene reeked of fakery. Plus, we've all heard the rumors about Season 6 employing an alternate timeline (or, more intriguing, a "do-over" of Oceanic Flight 815), which means that even if Matthew Abaddon was telling the truth, Helen is still just as likely to be alive as, say, Charlie, Boone, Shannon, Eko or Juliet.

Sylar crawled out of the ground on Monday's Heroes. Does that mean no more Nathan? — Justin
ADAM: That remains to be seen. But I will tell you this: There's a whole lot of Sylar in the next episode, and it's not in Parkman's head. He's hauled in for questioning by a Baltimore police detective (Ernie Hudson, kicking off his guest arc), but can't remember anything about who he is or how he came to have bullet holes in his shirt. (Maybe a ride on one of these will jog his memory.)

I have a Vampire Diaries theory: What if Aunt Jenna is actually Jeremy's mom, and that's what her "history" with the newscaster is all about? — Nancy
MICKEY: "Jenna is too young to be Jeremy's mom," says my Vampire mole. But a coy Julie Plec, Diaries' co-executive producer, doesn't completely rule it out either. "Everyone's wondering what the secret behind Elena's bloodline is. They'll have to wait and see!" But we didn't ask about Elena. Oh, wait, I see what she did there. Touché, Plec!

Other than character-centric episodes, how else will Grey's Anatomy account for cast absences? — Britney
ADAM: I'm hearing that Episode 6 will feature a Rashomon-style story, as a death in the ER is told from the perspective of many characters. But don't worry, Grey's won't abandon its tried-and-true storytelling methods. "People shouldn't expect the series to be wholly reinvented, but we are asking people to take a leap of faith with us and shake things up a little," executive producer Krista Vernoff tells me. "It's going to be a different experience for our audience, but I'm loving the episodes."

When will we learn what happened when Olivia met Dr. Bell on Fringe's season finale? — Raleigh
MICKEY: Thursday! But don't expect to know everything about that meeting right off the bat. Olivia's memory of the event is hazy, and the clues we do get are puzzling. I can tell you this: Bell gives the enemy a name and presents Olivia with very specific marching orders, albeit without a catchy tagline about a cheerleader.

Any Castle scoop?  I am completely hooked on this show. — Christine
Though Beckett has forgiven Castle for nosing around into Beckett's mother's murder, the unsolved case will continue to have a presence. "There's not going to be a little bit every episode that you have to tune in for, but there will be an episode or two coming up where we lay it flat and deal [with it]," Nathan Fillion tells me. And will it be resolved? "[We'll] maybe flirt with it for a while and head toward it pretty strong toward the end of this season," Stana Katic says.

When is 30 Rock coming back? I want to go to there again soon. — Barry
MICKEY: Me too, Barry! When 30 Rock returns on Thursday, Oct. 15 (9:30/8:30c, NBC), you're going to meet a whole new Liz Lemon, one who is sneaking around with a married man. She gets caught, of course, and hilarity ensues when the wife is kind of OK with it.

I enjoyed your list of the 15 couples we want to see together, but I was surprised that Patrick Jane and Lisbon from The Mentalist weren't listed. Can you give us any info on their future? — Douglas
Robin Tunney told us the couple would not be making out any time soon, and she's sticking to it, perhaps for personal reasons. "[Simon and I] have become really close; he's like a brother to me. So that sexual stuff would make it stranger." In the meantime, Lisbon has bigger things to worry about: She's accused of murdering a paroled pedophile she put away a few years back.

The ladies of 90210 are kind of sad this season. I think they need boyfriends. — Hannah
MICKEY: Love is complicated, Hannah. Like, you know how it is when you kill a homeless man and then fall in love with his nephew? Annie knows! If only her classmates weren't so judgmental about Jasper's chosen career. He's an entrepreneur, a born salesman, a... OK, he's a drug dealer. Meanwhile, Silver will continue to pine for Dixon, completely oblivious to the hottie that's pining for her.

Enough Lightman-Foster 'shipping. Is there anything brewing between Loker and Torres on Lie to Me? — Kate
ADAM: I asked executive producer Shawn Ryan that very question during our recent chat, and he was very tight-lipped. "My guess is [Loker's] attraction hasn't gone away, but I don't think it's necessarily reciprocated yet. That's all I'll say." But, you can look for Torres and Lightman to get a little closer... in a mentor-mentee kind of way. "He knows [Torres] has natural ability that needs to be honed," Ryan says. "She's going to make mistakes along the way, but Lightman is going to pick her up. I think he likes her."

How is Quinn going to keep her pregnancy secret on Glee? She's a cheerleader! — Bobbi
MICKEY: Who says she's going to keep it secret? What's most shocking is who reveals it, and how her classmates react to the news. On the other hand, Terri's secret will remain intact for now — with the help of her scheming sister and an ethically challenged OB/GYN.

Please tell me that Peter MacNicol is not leaving Numbers. — Kathy
OK, he's not leaving, but Dr. Larry won't be around as much. The show reduced MacNicol's episode count this season as a cost-saving measure. Instead, a rotating cast of guest stars will fill the void at the university. Look for Arrested Development's Tony Hale in Episode 5 and Kath and Kim's John Michael Higgins in the Halloween episode.

Mickey's Mega Rave: Larry David remains the master of his domain with a hilarious episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm in which Larry commits to a Seinfeld reunion show in order to impress — and hopefully win back — Cheryl. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Adam's Mini Rant: There was plenty wrong with Madonna's painfully unfunny appearance on Saturday Night Live. She blew her one halfway decent line ("What the hell is a disco stick?"), and making out with a younger pop star is so 2003. Madonna cameo on the ground!

Reader Quote of the Week: "I have an idea for a similar show. It's called Alias." — TVObsesssed, on J.J. Abrams' new show about married spies

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