Blake Lively (<I>Gossip Girl</i>), Josh Holloway (<I>Lost</i>) and T.R. Knight (<I>Grey's Anatomy</i>) Blake Lively (Gossip Girl), Josh Holloway (Lost) and T.R. Knight (Grey's Anatomy)

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I know you guys have some hints about Lost's finale. Don't hold out. — Joseph
ABC's promos spoil that Sawyer, Kate and Juliet return to the island, so we asked Patrick Fischler (aka the Dharma Initiative's Phil) what could possibly turn the sub around. "Let me see, how do I put this? Sawyer," he said. Fischler says Phil plays an "interesting part" in a season finale that answers lots of questions, but ends with a game-changing cliff-hanger. Might Phil face the music for belting Juliet last week? "I think Sawyer may have to have a little payback," says Fischler. Look for our full Q&A with the actor, whose credits also include Southland and Mad Men, next week.

What can you spill about the Grey's Anatomy season finale? Are we definitely saying goodbye to George and T.R. Knight? — Kellie
MATT: Yes, there are rumors swirling that the finale not only paves the way for George's departure from Seattle Grace, but perhaps also his exit from this plane of existence as well. I presented said scuttlebutt to Chyler Leigh (who plays Lexie), and asked if she feels she has shared the Grey's set with Knight a final time. "Not that I know of," she said, adding: "I'm not even sure T.R. knows [what the future holds]. I don't think anybody knows what's going to happen." Well, nobody except Shonda, that is. (Coming Thursday: The full Chyler Q&A, chock full of Lexie-Mark scoop!)

You made a potentially sarcastic remark about Gossip Girl's Serena and Nate happening. I need to know if there is anything to that remark, because I am more hopeful than I should be about Serenate finding their way back together. Please help! — Megan
MICKEY: Hope springs eternal, Megan! I will downgrade my previous sarcastic remark to say that the possibility of Serenate is alive and well through the end of the season. But Serena's season-finale suitor is someone entirely different — and surprising. If it's a happy ending you're looking for, forget it. Though Blair hears some magic words, her fall is looking increasingly shrouded in dread. Welcome to NYU, B.!

Any scoop on Sons of Anarchy? — Stockton
Sure thing. You know that Mad Men-themed S&M porno the public's been clamoring for? Sons of Anarchy plans to provide it next season. The scene involves Luann sitting in the director's chair as a Don Draper lookalike gets a spanking with a wingtip shoe. Wait, no one's been clamoring for this? Oh well. The shooting title for said porn-within-a-show is "Meek Men."

Will One Tree Hill's "Leyton" be back next season with mini Leyton? — Nicole
Alas, in the days since you sent in this question, the CW confirmed that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton will not be returning for Season 7. The silver lining is that the actors' final outing is a solid one.'s Robyn Ross, who screened the May 18 season finale, reports that the hour "wraps things up in a little bow with no shockers to leave us hanging. Old faces were back, and dreams were truly realized. Perhaps it could've served better as a series finale, because I'd love to think this is the way these stories would have ended."

I'm willing to settle for generic scoop on Fringe. Yep, I'm that desperate! — Helena
When I spoke to J.J. Abrams this week, he told me this: If the first season was about meeting the good guys while discovering that there is a bad guy, Season 2 is much more about meeting the bad guy. Is that Leonard Nimoy's Dr. William Bell? I wouldn't bet on it, as I suspect that his role in the ZFT — like Walter's —will be much more accidental and nebulous.

Do you have any spoilers for us about The Unusuals? — Fernando
Later this season, we'll see Casey, Walsh and Alvarez do unusually poor jobs of keeping an eye on people in their care, then scrambling to repair the damage; Banks and Delahoy try to stop a very old man's crime spree; and Banks come up with an extreme strategy for overcoming his familial curse and making it to age 43. (Hint: It involves lots of ordering in.)

You mentioned in your fall pilots forecast that the CW might now have room for Privileged. Is a renewal really a possibility? — Grace
Things are looking good for the little show that could. Sources tell me that the CW is digging Rina Mimoun's outline for Season 2, which she presented just a few weeks ago. The only "catch" is that the adventures of Megan & Co. likely would play out in a Friday time slot — a likely reason why the CW is repeating Season 1 there this summer.

Let's talk 90210who's gonna die? — Matty
Before I tell you who dies, let me ask you this, Matty: Ever see the movie Carrie? Because it's prom time at West Bev, and Annie is doing her best Sissy Spacek impression for us. It's harrowing; you might even say she is driven to do some very uncharacteristic things, like maybe even kill someone! Who? It's hard to say exactly, but in the same episode, Adrianna makes a choice, Ethan makes a declaration, and Liam makes a mistake — all three of which are life-changing. 

Do you have any news on whether or not Numbers is coming back for a sixth season? — Austyn
Rob Morrow himself told me in our recent Q&A that the outlook is "golden," which is particularly good news for the Charlie-Amita 'shippers out there. As Friday's season finale draws to a close, y'all are going to be chewing your nails until that Season 6 premiere.

I would love to hear about My Boys. PJ and Bobby are so great. Please tell me that they won't break up. — Asma
TIM: I won't. Although PJ and Bobby will have plenty of problems over the remainder of the season — including one of them getting severe writer's block, and both struggling to get another cool couple to hang with them — one thing that isn't likely to be blocked is their mutual affection. 

Are we going to see Prison Break's Michael alive in the flash forward at the end of Episode 22? At least give us a clue. — Dea
Oh, I'd be breaking my personal spoiling code if I told you who's alive and not at the end of Friday's season finale. What I am good with is saying that the "four years later" coda is done well, and is quite thorough. Among the things we get to see: Someone is sent to the electric chair, there's an interesting romantic hook-up, and Robert Knepper was right – T-Bag's fate is an absolutely perfect one.

Any way we can save Life? — Katie
MICKEY: While there is still a strong rumor that NBC will float "mini-seasons" in the fall — which would make it much more likely for shows like Medium and Chuck to survive amidst shrinking, Leno-induced prime-time real estate — I'm not hearing that Life will benefit from the possibility of such a plan. Sorry! 

Tim's Mega Rave: I'm really psyched about Lie to Me. The show has broken out from what it could have been in lesser hands — a guy yelling yes-or-no questions, then shaking his finger and yelling "Liar!" — and become an engrossing look at human emotions of all kinds. It makes a real attempt to understand the motivations of everyone in the story, be they victims, investigators, or criminals. The acting is top-notch all around, and last week's episode featured a twist that really twisted. Can't wait for the finale.

Mickey's Mini Rant: I might eat my words in four days, but revealing Dave's plan for vengeance early has made Desperate Housewives' fifth season a frustrating, tedious waiting game, the resolution of which is neither suspenseful nor enticing. Kill everybody already!

Matt's Micro Riff: Karl Urban surely made DeForest Kelly proud

Reader Quote of the Week: "Michael Strahan gets a show and Fox can't find a decent day to put Dollhouse on?" (AchtungBecca, surveying our round-up of hot-or-not fall pilots)

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