Henry Ia Cusick (<i>Lost</i>), America Ferrera (<i>Ugly Betty</i>), David Boreanaz (<i>Bones</i>) Henry Ia Cusick (Lost), America Ferrera (Ugly Betty), David Boreanaz (Bones)

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What the heck was Desmond doing on that plane? Any idea where the Lost powers that be are going with this? — Nora
MICKEY: I have some idea. If you'll recall, our friend Des has certain abilities that can supersede the time-space continuum. Is he really on that plane? When we pumped Henry Ian Cusick for scoop at the premiere in Hawaii, he would only say that off the island, Desmond is not happy. "The motivation has always been to get to Penny, and now he's got something slightly different. It's not about him, he's being more selfless. He's trying to help everyone," Cusick says.

Any Booth-Brennan dirt on Bones? — Nikki
Obstacle No. 473 standing in the way of a Bones-Booth hookup: marine biologist Catherine Klein. Booth and Dr. Klein will hit it off while investigating some human remains that are discovered inside a dead tiger shark. Although they keep it professional, we're hearing Booth agrees to a date with Klein, who could become a recurring character.

Now that Ugly Betty is officially on its last season, how has the story changed? — Darren
MICKEY: I'm told that a lot of the will-they-or-won't-they has been scrapped; they're definitely working toward Betty's happy ending now. Part of that story involves Betty finally getting her braces removed. It will happen in an It's a Wonderful Life-style flashback episode in which Betty imagines what life would have been like if she had never gotten braces.

Will Nate ever get a juicy story line on NCIS: Los Angeles? — Dave
ADAM: Peter Cambor tells us his character will get to work in the field in an upcoming episode that deals with a potential suicide. "He's not the most adept agent on his feet. He's not even an agent, but I think deep down he wants to be," Cambor says. "He kind of takes [the opportunity] to heart and gets a little too excited about being out in the field. There's a childish part of Nate that thinks being an NCIS agent is about cops and robbers."

Any FlashForward scoop before it returns? — Sandra
MICKEY: If you're wondering how Tracy Stark ended up alive and at home again, you're not the only one. Her father, Aaron, will travel to Afghanistan in an upcoming episode, as we saw in his flash-forward. What he'll find will explain why his dear daughter has been hitting the sauce so hard.

What can you tell me about the two-part Castle episode that guest stars Dana Delany? — Mitch
Delany plays an FBI agent who joins Castle and Beckett in the hunt for a serial killer who's a little obsessed with Nikki Heat, the character Castle based on Beckett. Delany gets abducted, but Beckett is the one who should be looking over her shoulder. "I don't know if Beckett's going to survive the episode," Stana Katic jokes. Even so, Beckett's apartment is blown up before the first hour ends.

What can you tell us about the new season of Entourage? — Mike
MICKEY: Well, thank God we've moved on from the Aquaman story line. Instead, Vince will sign on to an apocalyptic drama while Drama will confront his own version of the apocalypse when he faces off against Bob Saget and John Stamos.

You said the Walkers will be tested on Brothers & Sisters. Can you give any more hints? — Evie
ADAM: The whole family will have to deal with a loss in the Feb. 21 episode. And things apparently don't get much better after that. "Starting with the two-hour [flashback episode], I think loss is definitely a part of the things that the Walker family is going to have to deal with," executive producer David Marshall Grant tells us. "Things are going to happen that are going to really test this family and really put them in a place that's shattered. I think we're going to watch as they try to heal and bring themselves back together."

Will we ever see the world of Battlestar Galactica come crashing into Caprica? — Tally
MICKEY: I will bet you one meeellion cubits that we will. Caprica executive producer Jane Espenson tells us that the new show will address the overlap through the backstory of the Final Five, who, as you remember, started their "lives" on Caprica. "If you actually do the math, the [human-Cylon] war starts about five years from where our characters are in Caprica," Espenson says. And what's this? The producers have already contacted Spartacus' Lucy Lawless about reprising the role of D'Anna on Caprica. Watch your back, Eric Stoltz!

What can you tell me about the new season of Southland? — Will
ADAM: Ben Sherman is a rookie no more, which means he doesn't always have to ride shotgun with John Cooper. "There's an episode that's called 'U-Boat,' which is an expression when someone goes out in a car by themselves for the first time," creator Ann Biderman tells us. "That episode really deals with Ben's graduation into a whole different realm of policing." He may not want to celebrate just yet, though. "He has a tremendous triumph and at the same time a very devastating thing that happens," Biderman says.

Any Medium scoop? — Elaine
MICKEY: It's all the rage these days to do flashback episodes (see: Brothers & Sisters), but Medium hopes to update the cliché. An upcoming episode will introduce us to a teenaged Allison and Devalos, but with this catch: It's not actually a flashback. Both are adults trapped in their youthful bodies. Which would be just, uh, terrible, right?

Please tell me that Heroes will be given a chance to wrap up its storylines. I'll take anything: another season, a TV movie event... — Blue
The show's cast couldn't agree with you more, Blue. "It's not time yet — I feel we have a lot more stories to tell," James Kyson Lee tells us. He thinks a fitting ending might include a star-studded guest list at Ando's wedding. Greg Grunberg, on the other hand, wants NBC to set an end date, like ABC did for Lost. "People are into that show right now, even if they don't know what's going on," he says. "Heroes can have that same level of interest again. These are characters that people care about, and I think we just need to know the endgame."

Mickey's Mega Rave: I've never really thought much one way or the other about Douglas Smith's performance as gawky teen Ben Henrickson on Big Love — until Sunday's episode, "Sins of the Father." It was nice to see Smith come into his own as Bill's now-rebellious son, a nice counterpoint to the story about Bill's past as a "Lost Boy." Ben's adversarial relationship with his dad holds great promise, and now we get why Margene might have indulged his schoolboy crush.

Adam's Mini Rant: I love Lost and all, but do we really need to meet new characters this late in the game? Sorry, Mr. English-Hating Samurai Man, but I can't find a reason to care about you, even if you did... uh, whatever it is you did to Sayid.

Reader Quote of the Week: "If Stern does get the job, I hope none of the producers wonder why the Idol auditions look oddly similar to the casting of Rock of Love 4." — jillness, on the news that Howard Stern is in talks to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol

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