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Now that Cuddy is gone, who is going to be the new dean of medicine on House? — Melissa
Like I'd tell you! I've been sworn to secrecy, but check back here after Monday's episode for a Q&A with the actor in question. In the meantime, I can tell you for sure it won't be Thirteen, who's only slated to appear in one episode this fall. "She may be back again later in the year. It all depends on a number of things," creator David Shore tells us. "But it is a goodbye."

Will Elena ever admit to the chemistry she and Damon share on The Vampire Diaries? — Laura
She may not, but her friends will certainly catch on to their budding passions. In fact, executive producer Julie Plec says that the big "elephant in the room" hasn't gone unnoticed and soon enough, "her friends and loved ones are going to be like, 'What's going on there?'"

I am in love with New Girl. Got any scoop on upcoming episodes? — Alexis
Jess (Zooey Deschanel) will throw the most memorable birthday party ever! (Notice we didn't say "best.") Among the calamities that will befall the festivities: the odd presence of a school bus, the even odder presence of Jess' vice principal... getting really high and perhaps the oddest of oddities: a catfight between Nick's date and a stripper who's not so physically fit. Plus: There will be cupcakes! Adorable!

I love Benjamin Bratt on Private Practice now, but will this new gig prevent him from returning to Modern Family? — Rachel
Nope. Bratt, who plays Manny's dad and Gloria's ex, will be back! In an upcoming episode, his reappearance will ignite Jay's competitive streak, says executive producer Christopher Lloyd. "Jay is surprised to learn how possessive he's become of Manny, and he's almost jealous of Javier and his influence on Manny," he says. "He always looked at Manny as a price he paid to get Gloria, but now he's finding himself the actual father to him and wanting to shape his life."

When is the new captain going to ease up on Beckett on Castle? — Carrie
I wouldn't expect it to be anytime soon. Nor would Penny Johnson Jerald, who insists her character isn't being grumpy, but rather teaching Beckett how to excel in the male-dominated NYPD. "I think you could really put that into a category of tough love," she tells us. "You have to better than the best because you're a woman. I think she sees a little bit of herself in Beckett. So she wants Beckett to do it by the book so that Beckett isn't the reason for her own demise."

What else can you tell me about Jamie Lee Curtis' guest spot on NCIS? — Jeff
Sadly, I can only tell you that her two-episode arc as a single mom working for the DoD's Office of the Inspector General, originally slated to air in November, has been punted to February. "We did a little juggling of some of the storytelling," executive producer Gary Glasberg tells us. But he promises it will be worth the wait. "We are looking forward to seeing the chemistry that [Curtis and Mark Harmon's Gibbs] have together, not just from the standpoint of any kind of relationship that might happen, but just in terms of the fun that can be had," he says. "You've got two actors that absolutely know how to play off each other and I think that it's going to be pretty special."

Will Deb and Quinn actually last this season on Dexter? — Mitchell
There's a long road ahead for them, but this week's episode will definitely mark a turning point in their relationship. "They make a lot of sense together," Jennifer Carpenter tells us. "I don't think she's reluctant to commit. With Quinn, she is ready to move on with him as long as it's not going to be set in a container that couldn't hold them. She's still evolving and she knows that."

When will we learn more about the new detectives on SVU? — Willy
Now that we've finally met Danny Pino's character, look for the spotlight to turn back onto Kelli Giddish's Amanda Rollins when a serial rapist (T.R. Knight) she once tracked in Georgia (on Chase?) begins attacking again in New York. But her knowledge of the predator's past isn't nearly as important as the fact she's exactly his type. Blonde bait, anyone?

The Walking Dead is back soon. Got any scoop? — Sarah
Soon after the show's Oct. 16 premiere (9/8c on AMC), we'll see a flashback to the very beginning of the series, aka the day Rick got shot. In addition to getting a glimpse at the root of Lori and Rick's marital problems, we'll also witness the first spark of attraction between Lori and Shane.

How long will Percy actually be behind bars on Nikita? — Jake
Percy is already working on his escape plan, but he's going for a long con, by slowly acquiring menial luxury items — his favorite suit, a decent breakfast — that will eventually add up to a big pay day. So keep an eye on his next request.

Anything you can tell me about The Closer? — Thomas
Remember Phillip Stroh, the rapist/murderer/attorney played by Billy Burke that Brenda has never been able to convict? He'll cross paths with Brenda again when he defends one of her latest suspects. That same episode will introduce a new recurring Deputy D.A. who will clobber anyone who gets in her way — including Brenda. I also hear the character might be moving on to join the cast of the Closer spin-off Major Crimes.

Huge Happy Endings fan here. What's coming up? ­— Derek
Get ready for some serious jealousy issues when Max's high school girlfriend moves to Chicago. While Penny is suddenly feeling left out, Dave decides he wants to break the bro code and date her. Meanwhile, Jane and Brad have issues of their own when they take their "work spouses" out on a disastrous double date.

Natalie's Mega Rave: The women have stolen the spotlight on The Big Bang Theory —and we like it! Between Amy's awkward, yet endearing friendship with Leonard — and her offhanded sexual comments toward Penny — to Bernadette's perfect impersonation of Mrs. Wolowitz this week, we almost forgot the show was about a group of geeky guys.

Adam's Mini Rant: I really wanted to like American Horror Story, but it's just horrifying. And I'm not talking about how scary it is.

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