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What's going on with Cuddy, Wilson, Foreman, Cameron and Chase while House is in the mental institution? —
First off, have you seen this Season 6 preview? Because I just noticed something awesome: Dr. House is kissing the brilliant Franka Potente (Run Lola Run, the Bourne films), and she's wearing a lab coat. Hmm... Until we get to that, though, only Wilson and House will appear in the season premiere, which takes place at the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital. After that, look for Foreman to take the lead back at Princeton-Plainsboro, which will cause a rift in his relationship with Thirteen. What do you people have against the lovely Olivia Wilde anyway?

Do you know if Amita accepts Charlie's proposal on Numbers? — Marie
Amita's decision will defintely be revealed in the season premiere, and I'm hearing that you might want to start fine-tuning your chicken dance before the season's end. Which causes a mathematical quandry for all: How do two become one?

I heard a rumor that David Anders will be on 24 next season. True? — Staci
 It's no longer a rumor, Staci. Anders' participation "in a handful of episodes," according to my mole, is confirmed! And while Fox is keeping mum on details about the character, I've been told that Anders (Heroes, Alias) will play one of the good guys, and he'll mix it up with new cast members Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) and Freddie Prinze Jr. Side note: I think it's safe to say that my mole is being coy/lying: After all, you don't hire Anders to play one of the good guys, amirite?

I know that Matthew Gray Gubler injured his knee and that Criminal Minds is working that into the show. Please tell me they don't kill off Dr. Reid! The show just wouldn't be the same without him. — Crystal
Kill is such a strong word, Crystal. Here's what we know: No one is injured when the show's fifth season kicks off Sept. 23. But, as we previously teased, a member of BAU is shot before the premiere ends. You do the math.

You guys mentioned a while back that CSI: NY producers were planning to bring back Reed, Mac's stepson, and Sam, Flack's sister, this season. How's that going? — Clarisse
Not too well, actually. Executive producer Pam Veasey tells me that ebb and flow of story ideas in the writers' room just haven't ebbed back toward those characters. But don't give up hope. "These two characters are always on our minds," Veasey says. "And if they do return this season, it will be quite riveting."

Please tell me that Olivia and Peter are the leads who kiss on Fringe! — Pam
I can say no such thing, Pam, but I will say this: Peter doesn't really have any significant scenes with Olivia in the season premiere. But he does spend some QT with both Agent Amy Jessup (new cast member Meghan Markle) and Olivia's sister Rachel (Ari Graynor).

Sosie Bacon did a great job playing her mom's "niece" on The Closer. Will she be back for the winter episodes? — Lori
Sorry, Lori, a show rep confirms that Monday's season finale was the end of Sosie's four-episode guest arc. But it's not all bad news; the winter season will have plenty of great guest stars. As I exclusively reported, Beau Bridges will appear in one episode as Provenza's old partner, George Andrews, and Battlestar Galactica's Mary McDonnell will be back for the winter season finale. That news is sweeter than one of Brenda's Ding Dongs.

Working on getting my bike in shape, so any info you can spare on the new season of Sons of Anarchy? — Mark
Maybe this will rev your engine, Mark. Adam Arkin and Henry Rollins aren't the season's only high-profile guest stars. My moles tell me that a fan favorite from The Shield will return to FX for a Sons guest arc near the end of the season. I've been sworn to secrecy (for now), but here's what I can tell you: The actor in question will play a member of an SOA charter in Washington and currently stars on another cable cop drama. Hit the comments with your best guess!

What can you tell me about the new season of Californication? — Brett
When Hank's latest novel can't seem to find a publisher, he agrees to take a job teaching writing at a snobby university. (How he gets the job offer is too hilarious to spoil.) In his class are a vampire lit-loving guy (Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick) and his roommate (Eva Amurri), who spends her time out of the classroom stripping. And you might (or might not) be surprised by which one of them has a crush on Professor Moody.

I read that True Blood will add werewolves to the series just like in the books. If that's the case, will the show also follow the Eric-has-amnesia storyline and the stuff about witches?
Spoiler alert! For those of us who lurve the show but have never cracked a Charlaine Harris novel, I'm a little sick of all the spoiling going on, people! That said, in the final episodes of this season, you'll see a very interesting division take place among the characters. Pay attention to those for whom supernatural events are not quite as super. They are different, and their differences will be explored in future seasons.

I heard that Psych has brought in WWE Superstar John Cena for an episode. Can you give the WWE and Psych fans some scoops about that episode? — Chris
Cena will indeed guest-star as a special ops soldier and brother to Juliet O'Hara (Maggie Lawson). The professional body-slammer will help solve the murder of two slain soldiers and bring down an officer who's mixed up in weapons trading. But for your immediate Cena fix, stick to wrasslin' — his episode will serve as the yet-unscheduled winter season premiere in January.

Can you give us any scoop on The Beautiful Life: TBL? Fernando
As the World Turns' Billy Magnussen will guest-star in multiple episodes as the brother of Raina (Sara Paxton). His arc will offer clues to the checkered past of Raina's family, which might explain why she decided to leave home to become a model at the tender age of 15. But older bro will also affect Raina's present when he gets close to one of her housemates.

Adam's Mega Rave: After last season's blander-than-bland outing, Top Chef has turned up the heat in Las Vegas. The talent level is heads and shoulders above past years, and there's just enough d-baggery to keep it interesting. Some might say having so many already accomplished chefs on the show lessens its appeal, but it simply makes me long for the day when a scratch-and-sniff TV is invented.

Mickey's Mini Rant:
Maybe it makes sense that Nurse Jackie turns to drugs when her secret life is exposed, but her lying on the floor in a stupor also made for a lifeless season finale.

Reader Quote of the Week:
"And what role will his eyebrows be playing?" — RachelScribbles on Beau Bridges' casting on The Closer

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