Alex O’Loughlin, Sofia Vergara , Justin Hartley Alex O’Loughlin, Sofia Vergara , Justin Hartley

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What can you tell me about the death in the Hawaii Five-0 finale? — Alan
I can tell you that McGarrett may not be blameless in the demise. It seems his single-mindedness about catching Wo Fat may put his team members at risk. "McGarrett is a guy who goes to extremes," executive producer Peter Lenkov tells us. "I think he's going to go further than he's gone all season and he's going to be very reckless."

Any scoop on Modern Family? — Jason
Guess who's getting Botox? (No, not Gloria. How dare you! Sofia Vergara is already perfection incarnate.) The person in question is not generally known for his or her vanity, but when things go not exactly as planned, you'd think Narcissus had joined the cast.

How will Oliver get rid of the Omega symbol and the darkness on Smallville? — Dan
We'll have to wait until the finale to find out, but who better than Superman to solve that problem? "Oliver ends up, in the finale, having to ask Clark to help him," Justin Hartley reveals to us. "[The darkness] is overpowering him. He's not in control anymore. Oliver is gone, just disconnected. We figure it out in the finale, to a point. We do the story justice."

So excited for a two-hour Mentalist finale! Tell me about Red John! — Taylor
Executive producer Ashley Gable, who wrote the first hour of the finale, shares your excitement. "This changes everything," she says. "There is a confrontation between Jane and Red John like we've never seen before." Translation: Jane and his nemesis will finally come face-to-face after Red John's mole in the CBI is revealed. So will the audience also see him? "There will be no scary masks in this episode," Gable teases.

Castle is killing me with all the Beckett-Castle teasing. Something has to happen between them in the finale, right? — Erica
Something huge is going to happen. "Both characters lay their cards on their table," creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. "[They] come to an understanding about the issues that they're dealing with, the ways in which each of them were approaching the relationship." The catch? The powwow is necessitated by Beckett's obsession with her mother's case and the end result isn't very romantic. "At the end of the day she cares too much about this case to care about being protected," Marlowe says. "[She's] pretty much pushing everybody away."

Will we see anymore flashbacks on The Vampire Diaries this year? — Betty
The final two episodes left are very much about the present. If you're a fan of the history lessons, though, you're going to love next season, which has already been dubbed "the year of the originals," and thus will feature many flashbacks. The bad news: Neither Joseph Morgan nor Daniel Gillies (Klaus and Elijah, respectively) have new contracts yet.

I'm worried that CSI: NY will not be back next year. Do Danny and Lindsay at least get a happy ending? — Laura
Where's the faith, Laura? Regardless of the show's future, executive producer Pam Veasey tells us that the couple ends with some very good news: Danny passes the sergeant's test! But, if the show does return, Danny's new paygrade could definitely complicate things. "[You'll] get a hint of how dynamically different their working relationship might be," Veasey says.

I'm so glad Max is staying in L.A. to be with Naomi on 90210. What's ahead for them? — Kristen
Don't get excited yet. Not only will Max get expelled from West Bev, but he'll decide to go to MIT after all. Looks like that's the end of geek chic.

I'm beyond stoked to have Goren and Eames back on Law & Order: Criminal Intent?  What's coming up? — Carol
You've heard that Goren will be required to spend time with a department shrink when he returns, right? Well, naturally, he's not going to enjoy that experience very much. "You'll learn a lot [about him,]" Vincent D'Onofrio tells us. "Not all of it is going to be great." But we'll also get a peek into Eames' past when we meet her father, played by Justified's Raymond J. Barry. If he's anything like Arlo Givens, Eames is going to need therapy too!

The season finale of Nikita sounds insane. What can you tell us? — Steve
With the clock ticking down to an imminent attack on the U.S., Ryan will put his job on the line to get Nikita released from CIA custody. Meanwhile, Birkhoff decides to ditch Division, but not before pointing Michael in Nikita's direction. Too bad he'll be stuck inside Division, which is not the safest place to be in the finale.

Anything cool you can tell me about Burn Notice's new season? — Andrew
This sounds very interesting. The show is looking to cast Michael Westen's doppelgänger. The poor sap is hired by a group of powerful people with dubious intentions. And even though he knows he's mixed up with some bad dudes, he's kind of too stupid find his way out of it.

How will Mary's pregnancy affect her working relationship with Marshall on In Plain Sight? — Christina
The snarky WITSEC partners will still have their moments, Mary McCormack says. "There's a really beautiful scene where Mary tells him she's pregnant and he asks who the father is." (Does this mean Marshall isn't? Not necessarily!) "It's a really touching scene. There's a lot of stuff that's not said and you feel it should be said, but it's all still there."

Natalie's Mega Rave: Fringe may have started off shaky, but the revelations of the last episode's 15-year flash-forward to a near-apocalyptic future have reenergized the narrative. Thank God Fox renewed it! Can you imagine being left with this cliff-hanger? We have so many questions already... and can't wait to hear the answers.

Adam's Mini Rant: I like The Voice's fancy red chairs as much as the next guy, but I think all the spinning around made the judges a little too dizzy. Some of the acts they would "love to work with" were dreadful.

(Additional reporting by Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)

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