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I love Hawaii Five-0, but how long is McGarrett's investigation into his father's case going to last? — Melinda
Not as long as you might think: Co-executive producer Paul Zbyszewski promises that many of the "champ box" mysteries will be solved by season's end, including who or what exactly John McGarrett was investigating and who replaced the stolen money from the evidence locker. "I think fans will be really surprised at how deep we go and how much we learn by the end of the season," Zbyszewski says. "That's not to say that we're not going to continue to explore the McGarrett mythology anymore, because there plenty more to milk in Season 2."

Any new missions coming up on Chuck? Frankie
NATALIE: Much to the chagrin of Chuck and Sarah, Casey is going to be enticed away from Team Intersect by Bentley (Robin Givens), General Beckman's frenemy. "She presents him with things he knows are true: This has been your longest assignment; your team doesn't need you anymore," Givens tells us. "You were the best sharpshooter and now you're bartending; you're doing paperwork. So she presents him with an offer that he can't say no to." Two of his new team members include past Gretas Stacy Keibler and Isaiah Mustafa, whose real names will be revealed.

I'm still reeling from the Castle kiss this many weeks later. Tell me there's more where that came from! — Sharon
While I can't promise another liplock, I can tell you that in next week's episode, Castle and Beckett will be locked in a confined space with one another. Twice. In related (and perhaps squeal-inducing) news, that same episode, the first of  an intense two-parter, finds Beckett wondering if she should be with a man who isn't always out healing Third World countries.

Some 90210 scoop please! Carmen
After Monday night's fiasco, you'd think it would be Adrianna who would go crazy, but it will be Silver who lands in the booby hatch following another bipolar episode. Adrianna, who will soon discover Navid and Silver's indiscretions, will be pretty pleased at the impending estrangement of the new lovebirds.

Anything really interesting coming up on Brothers & Sisters? — Paul
How's this for interesting? Sunday's episode features cannibalism! (Well, sort of.) Also: One sibling accepts a job offer while another makes a drastic change to his or her living situation.

What's coming up on Community? — Joey
Pierce (Chevy Chase) is going to die! I'll give you a moment to rejoice... and now I'll ruin it: He's only pretending to be on death's door following his overdose so he can exact revenge on the study group with parting gifts that will leave some heavy emotional scars. He'll make Jeff (Joel McHale) so furious, he may wish he was actually dead.

Please tell me Justin Bieber's upcoming CSI episode will be his last. — Alex
If I were a betting man, I'd wager that you'll be satisfied with the resolution of Bieber's story line. But you should also keep your eyes on the slippery Nate Haskell, who, in this week's episode, returns to stand trial for stabbing Langston. I'll just say that regardless of the verdict in Haskell's case, you certainly haven't seen the last of him.

I love that Matthew Perry has returned to TV! Any scoop on Mr. Sunshine? — Terry
In this week's episode, Crystal (Allison Janney) will announce a competition to recognize the most valued employee. While everyone tries to curry favor with their eccentric leader, Ben will be stuck coddling a difficult pop star (guest star Nick Jonas!). Also, if you thought Heather lighting a man on fire was crazy, just wait until you see what Roman does in her honor.

I heard Lisbon will be hurt on an upcoming episode of The Mentalist. Got any details? — Elaine
Lisbon will indeed be sidelined, but it's nothing serious. Her absence will, however, force Hightower into the field with Jane, which series creator Bruno Heller says may alter her hands-off approach. "Hightower gets a firsthand look at how Jane operates, and she becomes less enamored with just letting him do his thing," Heller says. "Once you have to deal with it in the moment, it's not as easy as the theory." But it won't necessarily damage Jane and Hightower's relationship. "From Lisbon's perspective, it's kind of a little worrying and jealous-making that Jane and Hightower get along," Heller says.

Is there still hope for Michael and Nikita? — Amber
As if the Mikita fans hadn't fully recovered from Ryan and Nikita's kiss, now the "other man" in Nikita's Division-hating life, Owen, is set to return. Of course, he'll clash with Michael, and not just over black boxes. Do I sense a little jealousy from Michael? Short answer: Duh.

So happy that Justified is back. What's coming up? —Brett
Remember Loretta, the young girl Raylan rescued from the pedophile in the premiere? You'll be seeing a lot of her, as executive producer Graham Yost calls her the "heart of the season." While Raylan is busy trying to keep her safe, look for Mags to play adoptive mama, and perhaps accidentally put her even further in harm's way. "She does have a real soft spot for Loretta because she's the mother of three boys and was the only woman in the household for many years," Yost says. "You'll see the depth of that bond from Mags' point of view and what transpires because of that. There are unforeseen consequences."

Anything coming up for the love triangle on Off the Map? — Sandy
Ryan (Rachelle Lefevre) may not be competing with Lily for Ben's heart for much longer. In this week's episode, we'll find out that there's something really wrong with Ryan — like terminally wrong.

Natalie's Mega Rave: We love Canada jokes on TV (Take off, you How I Met Your Mother hosers), so the quest of 30 Rock's Jack and Avery to avoid having a Canadian-born baby — including hitching a ride in a mobile meth lab — had us searching all 700 words in the Canadian dictionary for the best way to say: Well done, eh?

Adam's Mini Rant: I'm ova Lady Gaga's "outrageousness." Really, people, stop egging her on.

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