Alex O'Loughlin, Vanessa Williams, Joe Manganiello Alex O'Loughlin, Vanessa Williams, Joe Manganiello

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What can you tell me about this new "female McGarrett" that's joining Hawaii Five-0? — Leo 
She's a Homeland Security agent that the new governor has assigned to McGarrett's team — to spy on them, according to McGarrett. Though they get off to a rocky start, we can reveal that clothes will be shed during one of their first meetings!

Please tell me you have any spoilers on the new season of Desperate Housewives! — Laura
There's a new man on Wisteria Lane on whom Renee will set her sights — no, not to pursue a relationship; she thinks he's a child molester! Amazingly, her accusation doesn't deter him. He's as ruthless as he is charming, which, as long as she isn't right about him, will make him a fine match for Renee.

Loved the True Blood premiere, but where the heck is Alcide? — Mike
He'll show up in Episode 3, but he will be "spoken for," as they say, which will provoke an interesting reaction from Sookie. Nevertheless, Sookie will need his help. "The great thing about Sookie is that she drags him off on all these adventures," Joe Manganiello tells us. "She's the key in unlocking that reluctant hero inside of him and he recognizes that as a good thing."

Got any tidbits on the new season of Gossip Girl? — Alisha
You might want to brush up on your Thorn Birds over the summer. Because in the first two episodes of the new season, we'll meet a young, very attractive, French-speaking Catholic priest who's probably on the scene to marry Blair and Prince Louis. But his presence makes us wonder if Father Sexypants might also find a certain bridesmaid with whom he'll, ahem, commune. Mon dieu!

I need some killer Dexter scoop! — Monica
This season's guest cast keeps growing, this time by two similar women. One is a brainy, attractive professor (perhaps a colleague of Edward James Olmos' Dr. Gellar); the other is Miami Metro's equally brainy new crisis therapist. Which makes us wonder: Who's going to the head-shrinker... and why?

What gives? Why hasn't there been more scoop on the new season of 90210? —Michelle
Because it's summer and school is out at West Bev. But get a load of these three big teases for the fall! In the new season, Naomi will get arrested, Dixon will move into the girls dormitory, and Marla's family will contest the will.

What can we expect from Sheila in the new season of Rescue Me? Will she blame Tommy for what's happened to Damien? — Luke 
: The surprising answer to that question is no. Forget what you know about Sheila, says Callie Thorne, pointing to her relationship with Mickey as a catalyst of change. "We see her start to give instead of take. ... As catastrophic as Damien's accident was, it propels Sheila into possibly being the woman she was always meant to be."

Any scoop on the new season of Nikita? — Sarah
Alex is getting a new love interest and Nikita is getting a new enemy — too bad he's the same person. This handsome, upstanding former Special Forces commander is tasked by Oversight to observe and report on Division's dealings. As he attempts to recover Percy's black box, he'll find himself caught between Nikita and her former protegée.

I'm dying for some Breaking Bad intel. What have you got? — Eli
You know how Giancarlo Esposito's Gus can terrify without saying a word? Look for him to own the premiere's most shocking, intense scene, in which he utters fewer than five.

How could Nancy betray her cellmate/lover like that on Weeds? Is that the last we'll see of her? — Harold
Don't count on it, executive producer Jenji Kohan says. But also don't count on it being all hearts and flowers next time they meet. (Remember, she did set fire to her last boyfriend.) "Zoya is a woman of passion," she adds. "[But Nancy was just] gay for the stay."

What's the good word on the new season of Damages?Brenda
Chris Messina turns in an amazing, heartbreaking performance as Ellen's high school friend who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after a couple tours in Afghanistan. But what we're most excited about is Fisher Stevens as a therapist trying to crack the impenetrable Patty. Maybe he can finally explain how those horses got into Patty's walls!

Any scoop on Cathy's love life on The Big C? — Joe
Her new friendship with a fellow cancer patient (Hugh Dancy) may stir up trouble — at least for Cathy's husband, Paul. "If I were Paul, I would be concerned," creator Darlene Hunt says. But don't expect a full-on tryst, like she had with Lenny last season. "None of us wanted for Cathy to just have her affair of the season every season," Hunt says.

Natalie's Mega Rave: Both True Blood and Weeds breathed new life into their series by seamlessly jumping ahead in time. After Sookie and Nancy left their respective prisons, it left us excited to see how the characters changed in the interim. We're also happy the flash-forwards didn't remind us of, well, FlashForward.

Adam's Mini Rant: No offense to Danny Pino, but I was really hoping Michael Raymond-James would fill Christopher Meloni's vacant  Law & Order: SVU slot. (R.I.P. Terriers!)

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