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Please tell me that Grey's Anatomy promo about Cristina and Owen breaking up is a fake-out. — Angel
ADAM: Sorry, Crowen fans, it's for real. But before you grab your torches and pitchforks, consider that the episode is two hours, which leaves plenty of time for Yang and Hunt to reconsider. After all, both Cristina and Owen will face off with the crazed gunman, and there's nothing like a life-threatening situation to clarify the decision-making process.

What's the plan for Paul Young now that he's moved back on to Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane? — Mary Ellen G.
MICKEY:  Forget what you've read about Mark Moses being Nicollette Sheridan's replacement as Fairview's agitator-in-chief. According to executive producer Bob Daily, Moses' Paul Young is not the new Edie. Young's return to Wisteria Lane is an entirely separate development. And since Ugly Betty's Vanessa Williams has signed on as a series regular, I think it's pretty clear who'll be playing next season's provocateur.

Will the Criminal Minds cliff-hanger put any member of the team in danger? — Clarisse
ADAM: Yes and no. Tim Curry's serial killer has a plan that directly affects Morgan, but the danger isn't necessarily physical. "This cliff-hanger relies on the drama of Morgan, our biggest, strongest hero, getting his power taken away," co-executive producer Erica Messer tells us. "He will have to live with some pretty horrible things that happened on his watch" — like gunfire during a citywide blackout. But unlike in past seasons, Messer promises, "you will know who got shot by the end of the episode."

Any scoop on the 24 finale? — Jamie
MICKEY: The real-time premise of the show often provides us with some improbable adjacencies, so we asked Necar Zadegan, who plays Dalia Hassan, how her character could embark on a political career just hours after her husband was murdered. Should we trust Dalia? "Madea killed her kids, but was she a horrible human being?" Zadegan asks with a chuckle. (Um, yes.) "I've always thought that Dalia is the one who comes from the political family, and that perhaps she married [Omar] for something more than love," she adds. "They had plans to save their country together."

I know Rob Lowe is leaving Brothers & Sisters, but is Robert really dead? Didn't they want to have him come back from time to time? — Eden
ADAM: Executive producer David Marshall Grant says he does want to revisit Lowe's character, but since he's definitely dead, it will have to be by  flashback. According to co-star Gilles Marini, who'll become a series regular next season, Robert's death was Lowe's idea. "I know Rob wanted to die," Marini says. "It was a heroic death. ... It was honestly the perfect ending for the character after his health [scare] and the scandal."

I can't believe Law & Order has been canceled. Will the season finale wrap everything up? — Loretta
MICKEY: Not exactly. "Rubber Room" (Monday, May 24 at 10/9c on NBC) is primarily about preventing a school shooting, but since it was also planned to be S. Epatha Merkerson's last episode on the series, it deals with Lt. Van Buren's ongoing struggle with cancer, and how her colleagues rally around her in her time of need. That story, at least, gets some closure.

I must know more about which CSI cast members are in danger in the finale! — Will
ADAM: I can only tell you that one of the jeopardized CSIs will be in a group held captive by Dr. Jekyll (Big Love's Matt Ross). "You will spend a lot of time with Dr. Jekyll," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn tells us. "We will be with Dr. Jekyll as he watches and waits for his last victim as they are dying. Some of the CSIs will be with him, but Dr. Jekyll will definitely have the upper hand."

Please tell me that we've seen the last of Javier on 90210. I want Adrianna and Navid to stay together! — Amanda
MICKEY: You'll get your wish — for now. As long as Adrianna can turn a blind eye to Navid's shameless whoring around Bon Temps, Navianna will have its moment in the sun. But don't forget that Ade is going on tour with Javier this summer, so there's a pretty good chance we'll see him again in the fall. At least that's what pop star Diego Boneta, who plays Javier, told us.

Got any scoop on the new season of Entourage? — Meg
ADAM: Maria Menounos tells us she just finished shooting an episode for the new season. "I have a very big moment with Debi Mazar," she says, adding that she will play herself and will put Mazar's tough-talkin' character in her place. "It's definitely going to be a little bit of a shocker because people will not expect it from me."

I can't wait for True Blood! Give me a good tease. — Manny
MICKEY: How's this? Within the first 20 minutes of the season, you'll see three male series regulars naked, two of them in the same scene.

What is the fallout going to be from Cooper's injury on Southland?  Does he get to stay on the street? — Sara
Michael Cudlitz says that the show's impromptu season finale may have made his character's back injury seem more like a cliff-hanger than was intended. The good news: The 10-episode third season won't have to deal with any interruptions. "[The writers] are going to tell the story the way they want to without any strings," Cudlitz says. "There will be a satisfying beginning, a satisfying middle and an ass-kicking season finale."

How long can Cougar Town's Jules and Grayson keep their "arrangement" secret? — Tim
MICKEY: Who says they want to? In fact, the catting around is out of the bag in the season finale. Now if they can just figure out how to break the news to Bobby...

Adam's Mega Rave: Kudos to the Brothers & Sisters ensemble for some terrific acting during that horrific pile-up scene. The performances somehow turned what would have been another forced, out-of-the-blue cliff-hanger into something interesting and, more importantly, moving.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Sure, Lynette, ask the serial killer to hold your baby while you drop a dime. That's good parenting!

Reader Quote of the Week: "I guess they need[ed] to figure out how to pay Charlie Sheen." — OnllwynDixon, on CBS' decision to cancel Ghost Whisperer

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