Eric Dane (<I>Grey's Anatomy</i>), Eva Longoria (<I>Desperate Housewives</i>) and Tim Roth (<I>Lie to Me</i>) Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy), Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) and Tim Roth (Lie to Me)

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I adored the "McFamily" scenes last week on Grey's Anatomy. What's next for Mark, Lexie, Meredith and Derek? — Kelly
MATT: For Mark and Lexie, much cuteness is on the immediate horizon. I mean, as much as Thatcher Grey makes my skin crawl (no offense, Jeff Perry!), the way things play out when he returns is better than I expected. For Mer and Der, there's the none-too-small matter of a stern ultimatum coming from the bride. As that gets sorted out, the would-be marrieds will find cause to fast-track their wedding, so get to updating that website, illing Izzie! 

So I'm guessing that Gaby will be hosting the spoiled teen diva on Desperate Housewives. They should totally get Selena Gomez to play the part! — Darcy
MICKEY: I like where your head's at, Darcy, what with the Disney/ABC corporate synergy and all. It won't be Selena, but the Housewives casting elves were kind of on the same track when they cast Maiara Walsh (from the Disney Channel's Cory in the House) to play Gabrielle's bratty sobrina, Ana. Her first episode will be the season finale, but I'm hearing she'll be back for an arc in the fall. Fun fact! Madison de la Garza, who plays Gaby's daughter Juanita, is the half-sister of Camp Rock's Demi Lovato! Also: My name is Mickey!!! Coincidence? Answer carefully; Big Brother (Walt) is watching. 

When will we find out what happened between Dr. Cal Lightman and his ex-wife on Lie to Me? Or the state of Dr. Foster's marriage? — Cheryl
TIM: Being married to a human lie detector would strain even the best unions — remember the episode when Jennifer Beals, as Lightman's wife, instantly recognizes a look of contempt? Tim Roth answers the relationship questions by directing viewers to this season's penultimate episode, airing May 6, in which the team tries to stop a serial rapist. "It kind of builds into some very strange areas," Roth says. "You're going to find out about Foster. You're going to find more about me and Jennifer, and my daughter." Watch for our full Q&A with Roth soon. 

Please tell me that Chuck and Life will live on for another season. — Justin
MICKEY: NBC's "in front" presentation is on May 4, essentially the drop-dead deadline for renewal/cancellation news. Considering the early extensions of Heroes and Law & Order: SVU, the relative success of Southland and the imminent loss of five prime-time hours to Jay Leno's new 10 pm show, there really isn't room for both Chuck and Life. Right now my gut is telling me that all the Footlongs in the world will not save Life, but that the tide is turning for Chuck — particularly in light of its virtually closure-free finale episode. (Read Chuck creator Josh Schwartz's latest update here.)

I read an interview where Emily Deschanel said that she and David Boreanaz already filmed the sex scene for Bones' May 14 finale. Will Brennan and Booth also declare their feelings for each other? — Amanda
MATT: Yes, they filmed the sex scene, and much to Deschanel's delight. "[Whether Bones and Booth will ever do it] is the question people most commonly ask me," she says, "so it's nice to tell people that it is happening." How exactly the nookie goes down "is surprising" and, says Emily, will spawn a new question for her to field ad nauseam from here on in. As for Bones and Booth's "feelings," you should worry about someone else's. When Booth's brother resurfaces this week, Deschanel says, "His feelings for Brennan haven't really died, so a bit of a love triangle happens" — and likely lasts into next season! 

Will Castle's ex-wife stay on the show?? If so, for how many episodes? — Heloise
TIM: Luckily for Rick Castle, his madcap former missus won't be back this season. The wonderful Darby Stanchfield may return at some point as a guest star — assuming Castle earns a pick-up — but she won't be a series regular. Note to Matthew Weiner: We'd love to see Stanchfield back on Mad Men, too, doing the hot single-mom thing, but not paying our girl Betty back for that slap. 

We heard a long time ago that there was going to be an Ugly Betty musical episode. What happened with that? — Jon
MICKEY: Well, it won't be this season, if at all. As we reported exclusively, soulful songbird Adele is in the house on May 14 for a Mode photo shoot that magically morphs into a wedding. What I couldn't tell you then is whose wedding it is. Now I can. With time being a factor, reformed man-whore Daniel and his ailing bride are getting hitched! [Insert long-term commitment joke here.] 

Will Brothers & Sisters' Kitty and Robert reunite by the end of the season? — Mandy
MATT: With just three episodes left to go, do you honestly think that's enough time for these two to patch things up? I sure don't think it is. In fact, I know it's not.

When is Army Wives coming back, and is there any big news? — Donna
Season 3 of Army Wives returns June 7, and with big new plot twists galore: Roxy hits some bumps with the Hump Bar, Pamela struggles with her husband being away, and Roland realizes that being a stay-at-home dad doesn't necessarily gibe with his career goals. (Watch the Mega Minute for more Army intel.)

Will there be a Georgina-Blair face-off before the Gossip Girl season finale? I would love to see that!
MICKEY: Who wouldn't? That said, Georgina's reappearance has more to do with fluffy-bunny Serena's recent turn toward the dark side than it does with Blair's ridonk "Nate's going to Columbia, which is on the West Side, oh my!" storyline. Call me cynical, but I'm not convinced by perpetual con-woman G's spiritual awakening; she's got more than a rosary up those sleeves. 

Now that we know Prison Break's Sara is pregnant (yay!), how and when will Michael find out about Baby MiSa? — Lizzie
MATT: Seriously, how cute would it be if they name the bambino MiSa? But good luck finding novelty license plates at tourist shops. To answer your question, Michael will find out by the May 15 season finale ... though not from Sara herself. 

Melanie Griffith as Kimber's mom on Nip/Tuck is a brilliant casting decision! I'm psyched! How many episodes has she signed on for? — Robin
TIM: Griffith unfortunately will only appear in one episode during the show's seventh and final season, which doesn't yet have a premiere date. If you can handle some more Nip/Tuck news, the same season will feature Six Feet Under's Frances Conroy in a ripped-from-the-headlines story about a woman whose pet chimpanzee horribly disfigures her friend. You can probably guess how the docs come into play. 

Matt's Mega Rave: Grey's Anatomy's Arizona makes me hot — and not in an arid, desert-like way. As demonstrated in this week's episode, Jessica Capshaw's Dr. Robbins is such a super-cool grrl-friend — not to mention a cheery breath of fresh air in the often gloomy halls of Seattle Grace — that if I were a woman, I'd absolutely go lesbian for her. Sure, I would get my ass handed to me by Callie as we fought over "Ari" (my pet name for her), but day-um, she'd be worth it.

Tim's Mini Rant: We're glad Jay Leno is OK, and wish him the absolute best. But maybe his hospitalization will make NBC understand why putting one-third of the network's prime-time schedule in the hands of one guy might not be the best idea.

Mickey's Micro Riff: Shoulda killed them both.

Reader Quote of the Week: "As I recall, Kirk and Uhura were physically forced to kiss against their will by some kind of powerful telepathic alien, so I doubt that sexual harassment charges would stand up." (loudounlad, commenting on Star Trek's tackling of a TV taboo)

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