Patrick Dempsey (<I>Grey's Anatomy</i>), Felicity Huffman (<I>Desperate Housewives</i>) and Carmine Giovinazzo (<I>CSI: NY</i>) Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy), Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) and Carmine Giovinazzo (CSI: NY)

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Grey's Anatomy's Derek has got his mother's ring. Now what? — Gayle
MATT: Dude needs to unload it and quick, I'd say! Instead (sigh), he will hold onto it long enough for virtually every Seattle Gracer — Meredith excluded, of course — to learn of the bauble's being and in turn offer their two cents on when and how he should pop the Q. Will Der stick to his original plan? And if so, does it involve a meticulously crafted arrangement of candles?

I love Tom Scavo on Desperate Housewives this season. Any scoop? — Marcia
MICKEY: Well, remember how it was Tom's dream to open an Italian restaurant, and how begrudgingly Lynette went along with the idea? Well, apparently now he has a different dream — and that's to sell it. That, in turn, gives Lynette a dream — for Tom to jump back into the legit ad game.

What can you tell us about the rumor that CSI: NY's Danny and Lindsay will tie the knot in the Feb. 12 episode? — Sherry
Well, everything. Executive producer Peter Lenkov promises "an early Valentine's Day gift to the viewers," one that "will make Danny and Lindsay fans very happy."

Will they ever catch Red John on The Mentalist? And will Lisbon and Jane ever hook up? — Amanda
MICKEY: Ever watch Moonlighting after David and Maddie did the deed? (Less sexual chemistry than the Clintons.) According to series creator Bruno Heller, the answer to both of those questions is no, at least not for a very long time.

I'm a big fan of Rory Cochrane and heard that he'll be on 24. When does he start? — Cheryl
MATT: You probably "heard" about the CSI: Miami alum's 24 gig right here at, thankyouverymuch! Since Cochrane is playing one of big baddie Jon Voight's malevolent minions, and Voight doesn't resurface until about midseason, you've got some "time."

Any scoop on when we'll find out who Sylar's real parents are on Heroes? I'm dying to know! — Lynn
Can you stay alive until Feb. 2, at about 9:10 pm/ET? Because it's at that point in the next new episode of Heroes that Sylar makes a big move in the search for his real dad. Not that it's the right move. OK, not saying another word.

Is Without a Trace still giving Martin Fitzgerald a love interest? We were teased about it before the season began, but here we are, more than half-way through, and all I see is a continuation of "The Jack and Sam Soap Opera." — Jennifer
MATT: It's funny that you say soap opera, because General Hospital (and Las Vegas) alumna Vanessa Marcil has landed the plum role of Eric Close's on-screen honey. "She falls really hard for Martin and really wants the relationship to work," Marcil tells the Buzz. "But they have to get over a secret from her past." Vanessa adds that guesting on Trace "has been a dream of mine, so I'm really excited to be here." Love. Her!

Any scoop on Entourage's Season 5 yet? — Tania
MICKEY: Now that E's business is booming, he's also getting a new girlfriend! And apparently she's kind of a pill. But can you blame her for feeling a little needy when E's ex keeps calling him? (Sloan, call me.)

If what's coming up this summer is Monk's last season, will we find out what really happened to his late wife, Trudy? — Lesa
Yes, Lesa, a show rep confirms that "we'll definitely find out who killed Trudy."

Is there any word on the rest of Life on Mars' first season? I want to know if it really ends differently than the British original. — Robin
MICKEY: You can wait and find out when Mars returns on Wednesday, Jan. 28, at 10 pm/ET (following Lost), but all signs point to a very different reason behind Sam Tyler's time-tripping. "In this next installment [of episodes], you'll see that the mythology is not as per the British version," ABC prez Steve McPherson said at the TCA winter press tour.

I was wondering if fans of Smallville's Chloe, Clark, Davis and Tess have offended you in some way? Do you no longer give spoilers about them? — Siobhan
MATT: Of course I am not offended, if only because I know I have given you at least this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this (in recent weeks). And now, I offer this: Not long after the Allison Mack-directed Episode 13 airs, I am told there will be a lot of strong story coming for Chloe and/or Davis — including but not limited to the Tom Welling-directed episode titled "Hex" and featuring Smallville's version of Zatanna (who has now been cast!). P.S. Kristin Kreuk Q&A on Thursday!

Any scoops on USA's brilliant Psych? Are their any good Shawn and Henry moments to look forward to? — Kelly
TIM: According to a show rep, the season finale brings Shawn and Henry closer together than ever before. Until then, you can look forward to the returns of Cybill Shepherd (as Momma Spencer) and Rachael Leigh Cook (Shawn's ex), and a Feb. 13 episode (entitled "Tuesday the 17th") that's written and directed by series star James Roday.

Mickey's Mega Rave: I'm sending a metaphorical basket of fancy jams this week to Desperate Housewives bosses Marc Cherry and Bob Daily for writing Sunday's outstanding 100th episode. The corny tale of dearly departed handyman Eli Scruggs (guest-star Beau Bridges) may have been a narrative cheat, but it framed six satisfying flashbacks that reminded fans of the show's spooky origins.

Matt's Mini Rant: The assorted joys of the TCA winter press tour could barely temper my sad realization that I have finally soured on a certain "popular" actress. In retrospect, she has always proven to be a "so-so" interview. But on top of that, she's extremely chilly in person, no matter how many times we meet.

Tim's Micro Riff: 4 8 15 16 23 42. I can't wait.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Whatever! Who cares? As long as the sexiest man who ever walked the face of the earth, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is on, I don't care if he's a ghost, brain tumor or reincarnation! More Denny! More naked Denny!!" (Elizabeth, reacting to ABC president Stephen McPherson's evaluation of the Grey's/"Ghost Denny" story)

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