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Got any scoop on The Big Bang Theory? — Shawn
How frustrating is it to watch Sheldon and Amy fumble their way into a relationship? Have no fear: A big karmic kick in the ass is on its way. When Stuart asks Sheldon if it's OK if he asks Amy out on a date, Sheldon will be forced once and for all to define his feelings.

Please tell me House isn't going to force Chase and Dr. Adams into a relationship. It's like Thirteen all over again. — Melanie
Jesse Spencer doesn't think the show is necessarily going to go that route, perhaps for the same reasons to which you allude. "It might be too obvious, you know? I like to steer away from the status quo," he says. Besides, Chase doesn't have time for love since he's... auditioning for a reality show? To prep for the potential gig, he'll have to spend some QT with Dr. Park, who will relentlessly mock Chase's obsession with manscaping.

I hear there's a cliffhanger in this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. What can you tease? — Heather
How's this for a tease? There will be two interesting surgeries on the midseason finale of Grey's Anatomy. For the first, a doctor will be required to operate on a person whose identity is concealed. The second will go so badly that it will derail two careers. (Warning: You will cry like a baby in the baptistry.)

So Patrick Jane basically dared Red John to come out of hiding on The Mentalist. Won't somebody take notice of that? — Jerry
Yes, and her name is FBI Agent Susan Darcy, who we met briefly in last week's episode. Although Jane thinks he can charm his way off her radar, he'll soon learn otherwise. "She's smarter and less easy to throw off the trail," creator Bruno Heller tells us. "Once she gets the bit between her teeth she's not going to give up until she gets to the truth. The complication is they very much like each other." Does that mean what we think it does? "There are definitely romantic sparks, but they cannot catch fire because they're in the middle of this adversarial relationship," Heller says.

Thanks for the scoop on The Walking Dead. Got any more? — Chris
Why doesn't Hershel want the new survivors to set up camp near the barn? You'll find out soon enough. "It seems like he's definitely hiding something in there," creator Robert Kirkman tells us. "There might be some hints as to what's in the barn in the comic book series." (I think he means who's in the barn.)

I'm curious to see Mimi Rogers as Walden's mom on Two and a Half Men. Know anything else about her appearance? — Tina
Methinks we're going to meet lots of parents, including the hoity-toity British mother and father of Walden's new girlfriend. Can you imagine Kelso Walden breaking bread with a starchy retired Royal Air Force major? Talk about a crash landing.

Is Jared Harris really returning to Fringe? — Ryan
After a very spoilery photo leaked online, we asked the producers. "There are definitely pictures out there of Jared Harris filming Fringe. Who he's playing and in what context is all wildly speculative," executive producer Jeff Pinkner tells us. "Internet rumors aside, our two universes will probably find that there is a threat to them both and they're going to have to figure out a way to work together." Is that why it looks like Harris is talking to his over-there doppelganger?

Have you heard anything else about that Castle case involving the dirty politician? — Philip
Think Spitzer. The politician in question is the mayor and he finds himself implicated in the murder of a woman who had just met with an agent to discuss an explosive book deal. The likely topic of the book: the mayor's penchant for employing a service known as "Dial-a-Goddess." (Wonder what Castle will think of his buddy when this comes out?)

I really wish Leslie and Ben would get back together on Parks & Recreation. — Emily
You're not the only one! An upcoming episode offers a glimpse of hope: A chivalrous Ben punches a man in the face after he doesn't vote for Leslie — and calls her a b----. Leslie thanks Ben with a smooch, which is all caught on camera. Not so good for her campaign, but excellent for Adam Scott's job security!

I'm glad some of the Bones characters are going to be on The Finder, but will they mention Bones stories? It might be a nice tease during the long hiatus. — Jessica
Hart Hanson, the brain behind both shows, says he isn't keen on having the shows overlap to that degree. However, when Hodgins heads to the Everglades in a Finder episode, it'll pick up at least one thread from the show's pilot. "Walter Sherman had kind of a thing for Brennan," Hanson says. "So that will be part of his interactions with Hodgins. He's like, 'Are [Booth and Brennan] serious? How long are they going to stay together?' He's very inappropriate. Of course, Hodgins does not want to discuss his friends and their baby. There's fun to be had there."

I love that Once Upon a Time is introducing Cinderella. What can you tease? — Lisa
You might not recognize Storybrooke's Cinderella, especially since she's a young pregnant woman named Ashley (Falling Skies' Jessy Schram). "She's trying to get away from some bad decisions, and Mr. Gold [Robert Carlyle] is tied to that because everyone makes a deal with him," Schram says. "Emma sees a lot of herself in Ashley and she helps her and guides her; Ashley grows some balls because of Emma coming to town."

Are the CSI: Miami writers thinking of giving Horatio a love interest this season? — Ash, via Twitter
Thinking about it? Yes. This season? Maybe? "It is on our drawing board," producer Barry O'Brien tells us. "We're looking for the right opportunity. Closure with Marisol is the way we opened the season, so we're very aware that we have let the genie out of the bottle a little bit. It's something that we're working toward."

Adam's Mega Rave: The Walking Dead's attention to detail has always been first-rate, but watching a bloated walker rip in two as the survivors attempted to remove him from their water supply was so perfectly gross that I think it will stand as one of my favorite kills of the series.

Natalie's Mini Rant: I've never actually wanted a main character to die, but if it means no more Morgan as the Intersect on Chuck, well...

(Additional reporting by Kate Stanhope)

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