Sara Ramirez (<i>Grey's Anatomy</i>), Jessalyn Gilsig (<i>Glee</i>), David Caruso (<i>CSI: Miami</i>) Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy), Jessalyn Gilsig (Glee), David Caruso (CSI: Miami)

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Any scoop about Callie and Arizona on Grey's Anatomy? — Marija
ADAM: When the Chief offers $1 million to the department of the hospital that best demonstrates need, Callie's and Arizona's feelings for one another do not put a damper on their competitive spirit. "Callie turns into a very competitive person and actually starts running around trying to intimidate everyone," Sara Ramirez says. "[She] does this hilarious passive-aggressive thing that was fun to play. She's trying to psych everybody out."

I was surprised to see Terri on Glee. She's been MIA for so long ... yet she's a series regular (or at least recurring)?  Why is Mike Chang not a regular?  He appears on the show more than Terri does! Christine
These designations are complicated and take into account the plan for the entire season. So while Mike's fling with Tina is at the fore now, I'm hearing that Terri will play a much larger role in later episodes. As she made clear in the Britney episode, she's not giving up on Will, and her presence will be similarly menacing when she returns.

So does CSI: Miami's "new Horatio Caine" have a love interest in his future? — Bridget
ADAM: Producer Barry O'Brien says only that the writing team is weighing that option very carefully. But considering the man who killed Horatio's wife will escape from prison later this season, it will be a dangerous time for any woman to get close to him. "Horatio made the ultimate sacrifice: He lost his wife through gang violence that was targeted at him," O'Brien says. "Risk is always an integral part of any personal relationship, specifically with Horatio Caine's character."

I'm dying to know if we'll see David Anders again on Vampire Diaries this season. — Addison
He did kind of disappear without much fanfare, right? The truth is that he might be gone now, but in the season-long struggle against Katherine, it's going to be Elena's closest relatives — blood and otherwise — who come to her rescue. And as any fan knows, that is one gnarly family tree.

So, Angela is pregnant on Bones. But remember when Brennan was baby crazy? Will there be any follow-up? — Matt
ADAM: I can't promise that the show will revisit that story in conjunction with Angela's pregnancy, but executive producer Stephen Nathan certainly hasn't forgotten about Brennan's desire to be a mother — or Booth's part in helping out. "Brennan expressed a desire and it surprised her," he says. "And while that moment has passed, Booth's donation still exists. That's really all I can say about that at this point. But with Brennan expressing that desire, it's hard to un-ring that bell."

I love every scene with Amber and Sarah on Parenthood. Are there any juicy ones coming up? — Tara
Yep. When Amber gets really high SAT scores, Sarah decides her next sweetly misguided mothering scheme will be to get her daughter into a good college. She introduces her little underachiever to Carly, an old friend of Gordon's and a Berkeley alum, and Amber has more in common with the financial dynamo than expected. Sarah is naturally jealous. But Sarah should suspect Carly's motives; a well-worded recommendation isn't her only objective.

I hear Lyle Lovett is going to be on Castle. What can you tell me about the episode? — Christopher
Lovett will play a federal agent who grills Castle and Beckett about their investigation of an astrophysicist's murder, which may have ties to outer space. I'm hearing the show is also on the lookout for an actor with a big sci-fi following to play the victim's former colleague, a super-nerd who has written books about alien abduction and leads a support group for survivors.

I am really rooting for Mike & Molly; I'm digging the love story. How long will they make us wait for them to be a real couple? — Kelly
Not long. As one source close to the set told me, "This is not a will-they-or-won't-they story; they will." And after they do, it'll cast their relationship in a whole new light — just not necessarily a good one.

So what can you tell us about any of the BAU members' secrets on Criminal Minds? — Wanda
ADAM: Executive producer Simon Mirren tells us that Reid's secret will be a doozy and that it's connected to his "genetic past." But not every reveal will carry the same weight this season. "Some of them are very emotional, and some of them are very simple," says Mirren, who's writing a special Garcia episode. "Garcia's is not a depressing secret. You really see another side of Garcia that we haven't seen in six years of working with her. It's kind of shocking in one way and fantastic in another."

Hellcats is such a flirty show. What's the next hookup going to be? Yvette
In an upcoming episode, Marti and Lewis have to tell the squad that they're an item. "I think [Marti] expects everybody to freak out and be surprised, but everyone is like, 'Yeah, cool, whatever,'" says Aly Michalka. Well, not everyone. Alice won't take the news so well.

So happy Lie to Me is back on early! Got any scoop? — Paula
ADAM: I'm hearing that Torres (Monica Raymund) is going to get close to an intelligent-but-smart-mouthed teen on the streets of a rough neighborhood. He interferes in a murder investigation, and even pulls a knife on her, but ultimately, Torres begins to recognize that the kid shares her talent for detecting liars. He's so good, in fact, that Torres gives him an application for an internship at The Lightman Group.

I loved Cam and Mitchell's subtle kiss on Modern Family last week. Any other scoop on this fantastically real couple? — Clyde
I wish had better news for you, but the truth is that Cam and Mitch are going to hit a rough patch when Mitch runs into an old high school girlfriend ... and her redheaded son. To Cam's credit, he takes it mostly in stride. On the other hand, his gift suggestion for the mystery tot ultimately doesn't go over so well.

Mickey's Mega Rave: Amen to Glee for "Grilled Cheesus," which took the hot-button topic of spirituality and distilled it to its essence: love. A high point: Kurt's reinterpretation of the Beatles' "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" stripped away its fumbling teen origins and imbued it with a deeper, haunting lesson about the love between a father and son.

Adam's Mini Rant: Who thought reuniting a mother and the daughter she gave up for adoption on The Amazing Race was a good idea? A reality show isn't the way to get to know anyone.

(Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams, Denise Martin and Kate Stanhope)

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